5 Seconds of Summer - Sounds Good Feels Good - 2015 Pop Punk 180 Grm LP

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5 Seconds of Summer - Sounds Good Feels Good

Label:Hi Or Hey Records – 0000 / Capitol Records – 0000
Format: Vinyl, LP, Black
has inner lyric sleeve
Country: US
Released: 23 Oct 2015
Genre: Rock, Pop
Style: Pop Rock, Pop Punk

Tracklist .

1 Money
2 She's Kinda Hot
3 Hey Everybody!
4 Permanent Vacation
5 Jet Black Heart
6 Catch Fire
7 Waste The Night

8 Vapor
9 Castaway
10 Fly Away
11 Invisible
12 Airplanes
13 San Francisco
14 Outer Space/ Carry On

5 Seconds Of Summer have again topped the international charts in 2015 with their third chart-topping album where the Sidney-based quartet had tasked itself with resolving the ‘Boy Band Vs. Rock Band’ debacle after becoming the rock powerhouse they meant to become. The evidence is well-written on Sounds Good Feels Good, where the band showcase their artistic knowledge and ambition without getting in the way of there preternatural adorations as they bring on another round of rock and roll bravado and high voltage merriment where they take on a set of serious topics alongside there whimsical reputation with superlative vigor.

Beginning with the opening track Money,

the supersonic track set proceed with rapid force on other outstanding songs including She’s Kinda Hot, Hey Everybody, Catch Fire, Castaway,

Invisible and the perpetual sonic-driven final track Outer Space/ Carry On. Highlighting there rock guitar certification and harmonic song craft, Sounds Good Feels Good did such a unique job upping the ante on a set of preppy upbeat songs, which are composed with masterful lyrics as it takes a mature point of view to address topics like poverty, heartache and dissolution where the band gives them an honest and optimistic twist alongside the innocent, fun-filled joyful song craft that 5SOS successfully played on few other tracks within the solid balance that gives this blockbuster album it’s sharp cutting edge.
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Condition New
Format LP
Label Capitol Records