A Tribe Called Quest - Find A Way - Jay Dee J Dilla - Hip Hop Masterpiece - 12 EP

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A Tribe Called Quest - Find A Way

Label: Jive
Catalog#: 01241-42534-1
Format: Vinyl, 12" Promo

Vinyl: VG VG+, some light scuffs
Cover has ring wear, small dents on the right-hand corners, gold promo stamp on the back cover and some wear to edges and corners

Country: US issue
Released: 1998
Genre: Hip Hop

A1 Find A Way (Radio Version) 3:23
A2 Find A Way (Instrumental) 3:23
A3 Find A Way (LP Version) 3:23

B1 Steppin' It Up (Radio Version) 3:23
Rap [Featuring] - Busta Rhymes , Redman
B2 Steppin' It Up (Instrumental) 3:21
B3 Steppin' It Up (LP Version) 3:21
Rap [Featuring] - Busta Rhymes , Redman

Producer - The Ummah

Picture Sleeve pressing

A Tribe called quest - Find a Way - music video
ATCQ made my life a little bit brighter :)
q-tip continues to bring this kind of energy and musical prowess on his latest album, The Renaissance. That is to be a modern-classic for sure! Live instrumentation with sampling and lots of funky, hard hitting, club thumpin' jams w/ excellent rhymes + wordplay.

I think that is where Jay Dee took over production on ATCQ albums.

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a tribe called quest - Steppin' It Up
highly underrated track!!!

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Format 12"
Label Jive Records