Anacrusis - Manic Impressions - 1991 Prog Thrash Metal LP

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Anacrusis - Manic Impressions

Label: Metal Blade Records
Cat#: ZORRO 23
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: UK
Record: VG+ VG++ few light scuffs
Cover: VG+ VG++ cornerwear, ringwear
Inner Lyric Sleeve: VG++
Released: 1991
Genre: Rock
Style: Thrash, Prog Rock


1 Paint A Picture 5:59
2 I Love The World 4:49
3 Something Real 6:00
4 Dream Again 3:20
5 Explained Away 6:02

6 Still Black 6:09
7 What You Became 5:10
8 Our Reunion 4:54
9 Idle Hours 4:36
10 Far Too Long 5:51

Bass – John Emery
Drums – Chad Smith
Guitar – Kevin Heidbreder
Vocals, Guitar – Kenn Nardi

Tortured Soul Kenn Nardi and crew entered a Wisconsin Studio in the winter of 1991 to create one of the finest records ever. There are several big changes here, most noticeable being the excellent, cold, mechanical production, and the addition of Chad Smith on drums, who couldn't misplace a beat if he tried. These two factors make this an incredibly tight, focused album, something that was lacking on the first two. The guitar tone is mostly treble, which allows Emery's bass to just cut right through, which is to the benefit of all who hear, as his performance just blows me away every time I listen.

Another reference to Voivod, as both bands made the step to DDD on their cyber-releases (Nothingface). What else can I say, the first three notes of the album are indicative of what is contained within, an aural buzzsaw, unrelenting until the final hi-hat fade closes the album. Lyrically, incredibly depressive, as madness and life (usually the former resulting from the latter) are explored very personally, with Nardi's delivery brought up a notch on both ends, his clean vocals becoming more pronounced as are his shrieks.

A guitar tech-fest, exchanging the hyper looseness of Reason for razor sharp riffage. I usually find that perfection is attained at the cost of emotion, but that's not the case here, as you just feel the pain contained within. A mathematical trip into an intricate mind, Manic Impressions is the culmination of 4 extraordinary musicians in the first half of their finest hour.

do you like exotic guitar riffs and changes? this album is for you. extremely heavy, manic impressions is some of the best work by anacrusis. it's unfortunate that they are no longer together. all you need to hear is the opening for "paint a picture", and "something real", which is the heaviest love song that i've ever heard. by far, it is the greatest song too on this album.

kenn nardy's vocals are twisted between whispers and pain filled screams. after hearing the talent of the twin guitar power of kevin heidbredder and kenn nardy, it'll make you wonder how metallica got so big on such garbage after anything after" in justice for all" came out. true talent, such a shame they only released four albums. their previous album "reason" is another must have if you honestly want to hear a great band that was never given any chance to succeed.

ANACRUSIS - I Love the World

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Anacrusis - I Love the World (Promo Video)

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ANACRUSIS - Something Real

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ANACRUSIS - Paint A Picture (Live in Belgium 2011)

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