Anthrax - Anthems - Thrash Punk Heavy Metal Splatter LP EP

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Anthrax - Anthems

Label: Megaforce Records
Format: Vinyl, 12", EP, Splatter Vinyl
Country: US
Released: 25 Jun 2013
Genre: Rock
Style: Thrash, Classic Rock


A1 Anthem
A2 T.N.T.
A3 Smokin'
A4 Keep On Runnin'

B1 Big Eyes
B2 Jailbreak
B3 Crawl
B4 Crawl (Remix)

Classic Rock Covers E.P.

While we await the follow-up to their massive 2011 comeback album Worship Music, thrash metal legends have served up an EP full of cover songs from some unexpected sources. Ever since they covered Alice Cooper on Fistful of Metal, Anthrax has always had a knack for delivering memorable - and diverse - cover songs, and Anthems is no exception. Here's what we get:

1. Anthem (Rush) - They definitely make a bold choice here. No matter how heavy the guys rock this, it's all going to come down to the vocals. Joey Belladonna has an impressive range, and he uses every bit of it here, but there are times when you're going to cringe a little. Hey, there's only one Geddy Lee!
2. TNT (AC/DC) - Simple, rocking and fun...that applies to AC/DC and to Anthrax's treatment of this classic. They stay close to the original, and that works just fine.
3. Smokin' (Boston) - The idea of Anthrax covering Boston, especially an upbeat song like "Smokin," is a bit surreal, but they really pull it off. The guitar work is very tight and the vocals shine.
4. Keep on Runnin' (Journey) - Easily the best performance on Anthems, this killer cover of the Journey classic shows just how well Belladonna would do in an AOR setting.
5. Big Eyes (Cheap Trick) - This is something of an oddball song, and the full metal treatment they give it makes it sound very little like a Cheap Trick song at all.
6. Jailbreak (Thin Lizzy) - A close second to the Journey song as the best thing on Anthems, "Jailbreak" was a fantastic choice for Anthrax. Thin Lizzy has influenced so many metal bands, and here you can hear just how heavy and metallic their songs can be.
7. Crawl - This is an original Anthrax song from Worship Music, and it seems out of place with the rest of the EP. Another cover song would have been much better.
8. Crawl (remix) - Sorry, but if the original version was useless, a remix is even less interesting. It ends it on a buzzkill.

Despite a couple of missteps, Anthems is a fun addition to the Anthrax discography, especially given its low price point. If you need your metal to be 100% serious 100% of the time, you can skip this, but other than that most Anthrax fans should get a kick out of this one.

Anthrax - Anthem - Cover Rush
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Anthrax - TNT - Cover AC/DC

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Anthrax - Jailbreak - Cover Thin Lizzy

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Format LP
Label Megaforce Records