Antigama - Resonance - Colored Speckled Vinyl - Death Metal - LP

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Antigama - Resonance

Label: Relapse Records
Country: USA
Release: 2006
Condition: VG++ - Mint
Cover: Very good


Side One:

1. Pursuit 1:16
2. Seismic Report 0:59
3. Ecstasy 1:20
4. Neutral Balance 1:13
5. Order 2:15
6. Pending 1:56
7. Remembering Nothing 1:16
8. Barbapapex 2:29

Side Two:

9. Psychonaut 3:56
10. No 1:33
11. After 1:45
12. By And By 2:30
13. Shymrok 0:53
14. Types Of Waste 1:43
15. Asylum 1:44
16. Unreachable 1:42
17. Stars

After three amazing though relatively unnoticed (at least on this side of the world) albums, Poland’s reigning hypergrind kings, Antigama, release their Relapse debut, a beastly 17 track modern grind masterwork sure to turn more than a few heads of American metalheads who have up until now slept on this incredible quintet.

What makes an Antigama album such a joy to listen to is their blatant disregard for staying within the lines, opting to try out new things instead of just cranking out the same old shit. This new album is no exception as the music toys with genre conventions while displaying heavy jazz, electronic, and noise influences.

The pace is continually fluid, ranging from an inhuman blast to convincing crawl in a matter of seconds, all executed with a playfulness that makes the album one of the most entertaining and attention grabbing grind releases of the year thus far.
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Format LP
Label Relapse Records