Arbitrage - Cliff Martinez - 2012 Ambient Electronic Synth Soundtrack LP

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Arbitrage - Cliff Martinez

Label: Milan
Cat #: M2-36597
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: USA & Canada
Released: 2012
Genre: Electronic, Stage & Screen
Style: Soundtrack, Ambient, Modern Classical, Score


A1 All Business 2:55
A2 Mistress 1:11
A3 Slow Mistress 1:15
A4 It's Not My Problem 1:39
A5 Involuntary Manslaughter 2:10
A6 Just Go Away 5:23
A7 Dad Are You Listening? 2:10
A8 This Is Not Going To Go Away 1:00
A9 Everything Ok Sir? 2:46
A10 I'm Sorry 1:30
A11 What Would You Have Paid? 2:11

B1 I Need A Serious Favor 2:07
B2 He's Using You 2:35
B3 This Is Crazy 2:24
B4 Then I Don't Make It 2:10
B5 Last Chance 4:44
B6 What's He Offering You Now? 2:24
B7 Bring A Notary 2:24
B8 We'll Pick It Up Later 2:27
B9 After The Accident 1:56

Cliff Martinez is always a refreshing alternative to so much of the overblown melodramatic music that gets thrown on modern Hollywood soundtracks. This is my vote for the best use of movie music in many years. At times it's nearly another character (a la Hitchcock & Herrmann). As is often the case, Martinez's sdtk. is far better than the film it accompanies. The Drive sdtk. is also one of his best.

Cliff Martinez, the ex-drummer of Red Hot Chili Peppers who has become a much sought after film composer, has been doing soundtracks for quite some time. He came on my radar screen in 2000 when he scored the movie "Traffic" (the drug drama from Steven Soderbergh starring Michael Douglas). I bought that LP all those years ago and thought to myself "this is something different, something special". Martinez's true mainstream breakthrough actually came only years later when he scored the 2011 crime thriller "Drive (starring Ryan Gosling). The next year, Martinez scored "Arbitrage", another sorta surprise hit out of nowhere, and the accolades rolled in, mostly for Richard Gere.

"Music from the Motion Picture Arbitrage" the tension of the movie reflected in the electronic music brought by Martinez. "Slow Mistress" is a dreamy musical snippet (just over 1 min.). "Involuntary Manslaughter" is an excellent mood piece. "Just Go Away" is the longest track (5+ min.). The overall feel of this score reminds me of some of Tangerine Dream's movie scores in the mid/late 80s.

In all, the "Arbitrage" soundtrack is another outstanding score from Cliff Martinez.

Cliff Martinez - All Business

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Cliff Martinez - Just Go Away

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Cliff Martinez - Slow Mistress

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Cliff Martinez - Involuntary Manslaughter

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Format LP
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