Arcade Fire - The Suburbs - 2010 Alt. Rock Indie Rock - Sealed 180 Grm - 2LP

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Arcade Fire - The Suburbs

Label: Merge Records
Catalog#: MRG385
Format: 2 x Vinyl, Album, LP
Gatefold, New, Sealed
Contains a unique download voucher.
Innersleeves with lyrics and credits.
Country: US
Released: 03 Aug 2010
Genre: Rock
Style: Alternative Rock, Indie Rock


A1 The Suburbs 5:15
A2 Ready To Start 4:16
A3 Modern Man 4:40
A4 Rococo 3:57

B1 Empty Room 2:52
B2 City With No Children 3:12
B3 Half Light I 4:14
B4 Half Light II (No Celebration) 4:27

C1 Month Of May 3:51
C2 Wasted Hours 3:21
C3 Deep Blue 4:28
C4 We Used To Wait 5:01
French Horn - Pietro Amato
Saxophone - Colin Stetson

D1 Sprawl I (Flatland) 2:54
D2 Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) 5:26
French Horn - Pietro Amato
Saxophone - Colin Stetson
D3 Suburban War 4:45
Saxophone - Colin Stetson
D4 The Suburbs (Continued) 1:28

Arranged By - Arcade Fire, The
Arranged By [String Arrangements] - Arcade Fire , Owen Pallett
Art Direction - Vincent Morisset
Artwork By - Caroline Robert
Co-producer - Markus Dravs
French Horn - Pietro Amato (tracks: 12, 14)
Mixed By - Arcade Fire , Craig Silvey
Mixed By [Additional Mixing] - Nick Launay (tracks: 2, 4, 14)
Performer - Arcade Fire, The , Jeremy Gara , Richard Reed Parry , Régine Chassagne , Sarah Neufeld , Tim Kingsbury , Will Butler , Win Butler
Photography - Gabriel Jones
Producer - Arcade Fire, The
Recorded By - Mark Lawson
Recorded By [Additional] - Don Murnaghan , Marcus Paquin , Noah Goldstein
Saxophone - Colin Stetson (tracks: 12, 14, 15)
Strings - Marika Shaw , Owen Pallett , Richard Reed Parry , Sarah Neufeld
Strings [Additional] - Ben Russell , Caleb Burhans , Clarice Jensen , Nadia Sirota , Yuki Numata
Written-By - The Arcade Fire

Recorded at: Petite Eglise, Farnham; Magic Shop, New York;
Studio Frisson, Montreal; Public Hi-Fi, Austin;
and various bedrooms, living rooms and basements in Montreal.
Mixed at: Studio Frisson, Montreal

Thanks to Mark Lawson, Markus Dravs, Cha Cha, Tyler, Scott (and everyone at Quest) and our patient spouses.


Album has 8 different covers.

Tracklisting as it appears on the release.

Arcade Fire burst onto the scene in 2004 with their debut album, Funeral. Their grandiose indie anthems earned them glowing praise from critics and fans alike. With Win Butler leading on vocals and guitar, Arcade Fire's eclectic instrumentation and apparent influences, including David Bowie, Bruce Springsteen, Radiohead, and Neil Young, made them stand out from the countless indie bands getting their start at the same time.

Recording their second album in a church, Neon Bible utilized a pipe organ, full orchestra and military choir to expand their sound even further. Although the mood of Neon Bible was much darker than the soul cleansing shouts of hope that burst through the depression on the surface of Funeral, Arcade Fire proved they were much more than a one off talent. A packed tour schedule consumed the band's time until early 2008 when the members decided to take a break, playing a few free shows later in the year in support of Barack Obama's presidential candidacy, but ultimately staying out of the public eye.

Now, two years later, Arcade Fire is finally back with one of the most anticipated albums of 2010. Their third record opens with the title track, "The Suburbs," which finds Arcade Fire in significantly lighter spirits than their previous two records. The same band looking for an escape from the pains of life realized in their earlier years is now beginning to accept the conformity of suburbia with a new goal of providing their children with the best experiences life has to offer, safe from the agony they had to work through.

There is still, however, an internal conflict hidden within the band's acceptance of The Suburbs. On "Ready To Start," an energetic verse proclaiming "I would rather be wrong than live in the shadows of your song" shows the classic break-away mindset of Arcade Fire shining through while the following track, "Modern Man," brings the pace back down to the mid-tempo groove and finds Win Butler repeating "I'm a modern man" as if he's trying to convince the listener of something he doesn't quite believe himself yet. The musical mood swings continue as laid back tracks like "Rococo" and "Wasted Hours" are given "Empty Room" and "Month of May," two of the most animated tracks on the album, as neighbors. Although, on first listen, this pitting of tunes against each other may cause the album to seem sporadic, on further listens, the sheer genius of the track ordering and songwriting as a whole rings out.

The apex of the album occurs during "Suburban War." The realization of inevitable maturity begins to be accepted as Butler's earlier cry of "I would rather be wrong than live in the shadows of your song" becomes "I've been living in the shadows of your song." The truth comes out, denial becomes acceptance and the song's tempo doubles as the line "all my old friends, they don't know me now" is hauntingly repeated.

The Suburbs finds Arcade Fire taking a longing look at the naivety of their youth while looking forward to what the future holds. Where their first two albums leaned heavily on stand out singles like "Wake Up," "Rebellion," "Keep the Car Running," and "Intervention," The Suburbs is much more of a complete work meant to be taken in as a single, hour long journey between adolescence and adulthood. Longtime fans of Arcade Fire will always hold Funeral on a pedestal, untouchable by future releases, but just as children often grimace at being compared to their parents, The Suburbs is a masterpiece worthy of such an analogy.

Arcade Fire - Ready to Start

This song marks the true beginning of the album, in my mind. The Strokes-y drum and bass coordination kick-start the song and drive it into one of the most poignant, catchy choruses on the album.

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Arcade Fire - Sprawl II

New music video
The alarm clock finally went off. This could easily be the next single. The catchy 80's all-girl vocals are infectious. This track is an obvious standout and an instant favorite.

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Arcade Fire - Empty Room - Music Video

Directed By: Omid Malekan
Photography By: Az Malekan
Album: The Suburbs, 2010 Merge Records

The frenzied strings lead you into the trap and then like the distortion kicks in and knocks you out of your chair. This reminds me of The Rentals.

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The Arcade Fire - Wasted Hours

The vocal melody and lyrics immediately linger in your memory long after hearing this song.

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Arcade Fire - Wasted Hours

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Arcade Fire - Suburban War

in Toronto 06-12-2010

"This town is strange, they built it to change", he forlornly observes that somehow these schemes are all planned out, and we can't escape the future.

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Arcade Fire - The Suburbs | A video by Spike Jonze

very moving. I think that it kinda shows how sheltered and innocent you are from violence when living in the suburbs.

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Arcade Fire - Month Of May

at the Grammys 2011

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