Artillery - When Death Comes - Yellow Vinyl - Thrash Metal LP

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Artillery - When Death Comes

Label: Metal Mind Productions
Cat#: MASSLP1280Y
Format: Vinyl, LP, Yellow
Country: Poland
Released: 2013
Genre: Rock
Style: Thrash


A1 When Death Comes
A2 Upon My Cross I Crawl
A3 10.000 Devils
A4 Rise Above It All
A5 Sandbox Philosophy

B1 Delusions Of Grandeur
B2 Not A Nightmare
B3 Damned Religion
B4 Uniform
B5 The End

This is one of the best thrash metal recordings I have ever heard. I was completely unprepared for the aural assault Artillery rolled me with. My intro to this band was their album "By Inheritance", an 80's thrash chestnut in its time. I still enjoy it, but it's obviously a bit dated. Their new release, "When Death Comes", is a geometric improvement over any of their previous recordings.

A new singer (vastly better than the original), along with great production, virtuoso approaching musicianship, and downright pounding riffs, verses, and melodic bridges would make Dave Mustaine proud. Most 40-something musicians from the 80s have long since lost the edge that made them the powerhouses they used to be.

Many plod along trying to cash in on the current trends and fail abysmally. (Are you listening Soldouttica?) Not Artillery! This cadre of middle aged metal-heads came back and completely schooled the genre. I'm still in shock by how good this record is.

Artillery - When Death Comes

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Artillery - When Death Comes Live In Bogota

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Condition New
Format LP
Label Metal Mind Productions