Avail - Young Pioneers - The Fall Of Richmond - Punk-Pop and Hardcore - 7" - EP

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Avail / (Young) Pioneers - The Fall Of Richmond

Label: Lookout! Records
Catalog#:LK 189
Format:Vinyl, 7"
Record VG+ light scuffs
cover has slight fold wear ( see our pic)
has insert ( see pic)



A1 Avail - New #2
A2 Avail - Lombardy St.

B1 (Young) Pioneers - Join Or Die
B2 (Young) Pioneers - French Colonial Running Dogs
B3 (Young) Pioneers - Death To The Coalition

Avail tear it up with pummeling Punk-Pop and Hardcore. The vocalist channels Ian MacKaye's drill sergeant delivery to call out transitions from overdriven, slightly melodic verses to washy, pulsing cacophony.

Avail performs "Lombardy St." at the Beat Kitchen in Chicago on April 22nd, 2006. Copyright Transit Studios, Inc.

music doesn't need to be intellectualized. it's subjective. get over it. for what it's worth, i think avail are one of the most incredible bands ever

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Condition Used
Format 12LP
Label Lookout! Records