Beatles - White Album - 1968 Psych Rock - Analog Mono Numbered - Sealed 180 Grm 2LP + Poster + Photos

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Beatles - White Album

Label: Apple Records
Cat#: PMC 7067-8
Format: 2 × Vinyl, LP, Album, Numbered, Pure Analog Remastered, Mono

Country: US
Released: 2014
Genre: Rock
Style: Rock & Roll, Pop Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Experimental Commonly known as ''The White Album''.
Issued with 4 glossy photographs, a double-sided poster, black inner sleeves.
Embossed lettering (The Beatles) on the cover.
First pressings open from the top on gate-fold jacket sleeve.
The copies are numbered on the front individually to each copy and imprinted 'No 0000000'.


Side 1

Back in the U.S.S.R. - 2:43
Dear Prudence - 3:56
Glass Onion - 2:17
Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da - 3:08
Wild Honey Pie - 0:52
The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill - 3:13
While My Guitar Gently Weeps - 4:45 (George Harrison)
Happiness Is a Warm Gun - 2:43

Side 2

Martha My Dear - 2:28
I'm So Tired - 2:03
Blackbird - 2:18
Piggies - 2:04 (George Harrison)
Rocky Raccoon - 3:32
Don't Pass Me By - 3:50 (Ringo Starr)
Why Don't We Do It in the Road? - 1:40
I Will - 1:45
Julia - 2:54

Side 3

Birthday - 2:42
Yer Blues - 4:00
Mother Nature's Son - 2:47
Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey - 2:24
Sexy Sadie - 3:15
Helter Skelter - 4:29
Long, Long, Long - 3:03 (George Harrison)

Side 4

Revolution 1 - 4:15 (
Honey Pie - 2:40
Savoy Truffle - 2:54 (George Harrison)
Cry Baby Cry - 3:02
Revolution 9 - 8:21
Good Night - 3:11

Sept 9, 2104 vinyl mono releases only. I've waited 35 years or more for new issues of pure analog Beatles on vinyl. No digital manipulation, or any manipulation, just music from original analog tapes to LP's. After years and years of disappointing digital release
Based on listening to these new all analog mono LP's, I have found these Lp's have very little noise, if any, sound fantastic, and the pure analog sound is as good or better sounding than original Capital/EMI/Apple releases, in my opinion. No harsh compressed sound, no 2 dimensional sound, no digitally remastered sound transferred to vinyl, and no more dashed hopes in DVD Audio and SACD. These LP's sound fantastic.

You don't have to spend mega money, however, as these mono releases are superb in quality and sound. these LP's sound warm and beautiful. I just sat back, closed my eyes and let the music and harmonizing soothe my soul.

you go from the tight, rocking studio perfection of 'Birthday', to the almost garage-y lo fi sound of 'Yer Blues'. Everything on this mono release sounds beefier, bigger, and more detailed. You will just want to crank some of these up, until your ears can't stand anymore, like 'Me & My Monkey', 'Revolution', 'Glass Onion'. 'Helter Skelter' is scarier and more menacing than ever, and what a throat shredding vocal from Paul. The mono mix omits the 'blisters on my fingers' line at the end and shifts quickly into one of the records finest moments, 'Long, Long, Long.'. Even the jarring, brilliant mess that is 'Revolution 9' holds your attention

With this album, each of the four band members began to showcase the range and depth of his individual songwriting talents and styles that would be carried over to their eventual solo careers. John Lennon displays stark emotional candour ("Julia"), pleads for mercy and death ("Yer Blues"), crafts a devastatingly sardonic parody of popular music ("Happiness is a Warm Gun"), has flashes of manic insanity ("Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey"), excoriates famous gurus ("Sexy Sadie"), articulates his political views ("Revolution 1"), and collaborates with Yoko Ono ("Revolution 9").

While Lennon's songs differed lyrically, Paul McCartney's differed musically. McCartney's songs for the album include pop ballads ("I Will"), proto-heavy metal ("Helter Skelter"), piano pop ("Martha My Dear"), surfer rock pastiche ("Back In The U.S.S.R.") and music hall style songs ("Honey Pie").

George Harrison demonstrated his usual Indian mantra ("Long, Long, Long"), a religious cry for help ("While My Guitar Gently Weeps"), a funky goof off ("Savoy Truffle"), and social commentary ("Piggies"). Even Ringo Starr was given leave to include a song composed entirely by himself, "Don't Pass Me By" (which he had been working on since 1964).'

The Beatles Mono On Vinyl Trailer

released in September, 2014.

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The Beatles - Dear Prudence

MONO 2014 LP
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The Beatles - While My Guitar Gently Weeps
MONO 2014 LP

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The Beatles White Album 1st UK Press Top Loader nb 0229424 MONO side 1

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Beatles - Revolution #9 (documentary)

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Beatles Anthology 8 - White Album (edit

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Condition New
Format 2LP, 180 Gram
Label Apple Records
Artist Beatles
Color Black