Big Smoke - The Vancouver Connection Vol. 1 - 2015 Vancouver Indie Rock 150 Grm LP

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Big Smoke - The Vancouver Connection Vol. 1

BSR 001
12" black 150g deluxe vinyl
- /300 hand-numbered copies
released 14 August 2015
Artwork by Lauren Carr (
Mastered by Brock McFarlane (
Vancouver, Canada


1. Reef Shark - Mind Race 04:39

2. Dead Soft - Sometimes I Forget 02:43

3. Avid Walker - Conversations 04:08

4. Zoo Strategies - Actual Birthday 02:57

5. The Good In Everyone - Skip Down The Stairs 04:21

6. Woolworm - Heathen Too 02:29

7. Greenwash - Third Chance 03:24

8. Altona - Old Trees 03:28

9. Mesa Luna - Drum Carpet 04:45

10. Alea Rae - Lancaster 03:29

Big Smoke is a new independent record label that loves all things to do with the local music scene. Big Smoke was created by Adam Sharp in 2015. The recorded label is proud to have the Vancouver stamp on all their music that is released through them and hopes to enlarge their company all over Canada.

The Vancouver Connection Vol.1 is Big Smoke’s first Vinyl/digital release since being created. It features ten full length tracks from ten different Indie artists from Vancouver area. Big Smoke has handpicked each artist to be featured and some are even good friends with them. After reading about The Vancouver Connection album I was very interested in hearing all the different artists that would be featured. The two songs off of the album that I really liked is Heathan Too – Woolworm (track six) and Lancaster – Alea Rae (track ten). Both tracks are easy to listen to and are very enjoyable. The Vancouver Connection Vol.1 flows very nicely throughout the different artists featured. Can’t wait to hear how Big Smoke puts together the next Vancouver Connection.

Compilation albums are always a bit of a tricky proposition: on one hand, they should be cohesive, a unified vision of a specific sound, scene or time; on the other hand, you don’t want things to get too similar and interchangeable, and end up with an compilation that sounds like a greatest-hits collection from one band. Fortunately, that’s not a problem with The Vancouver Connection, Vol. 1, the debut vinyl release from Van City’s newest independent label, Big Smoke, and we’re excited to be premiering it below.

Formed just this year by Adam Sharp, Big Smoke aims to establish itself as a proudly Vancouver-centric hub for like-minded musicians, and The Vancouver Connection serves as an ideal statement of purpose. Like the best comps, the record’s great strength is its diversity: The Vancouver Connection Vol. 1 has something for everyone. Craving chill summer vibes? Reef Shark’s “Mind Race” has got you covered. Need an old-school uptempo Canrock anthem? Crank up Dead Soft’s “Sometimes I Forget.” Really wish Minus the Bear were an instrumental group? Check out Zoo Strategies’ “Actual Birthday.”

“The bands on this compilation are mostly comprised of friends I have made since moving to Vancouver from London, England in 2009,” says Adam, “and I am excited to be cementing their work in time as a dynamic-yet-cohesive representation of what Vancouver indie rock sounded like in 2015.” Dynamic, yet cohesive! That’s exactly what I’m saying!

Reef Shark - Mind Race

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Dead Soft - Sometimes I Forget

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Woolworm - Heathen Too (Unofficial Video)

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