Bobby Womack - The Roads Of Life - 1978 Essential Soul LP

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Bobby Womack - The Roads of Life

AB 4222
Canada Issue
Record is VG++ (listen to our copy)
Cover VG+ VG++ has hole punch (see our pic)

Side A

The Roads Of Life

How Could You Break My Heart

Honey Dripper Boogie

Side B

The Roots In Me

What Are You Doin'

Give It Up

Mr. D.J. Don't Stop The Music

I Honestly Love You

Recorded in 1979 with the producer (Patrick Moten). Originally released on Arista, the UK first paid attention to this release in 1987 of “How Could You Break My Heart” which has become a soul classic over the past two decades

This album was made during difficult times for Bobby Womack.His music did not sit well in the commercial pop of the late seventies/early eighties.
He had suffered the loss of a child as stated in the album dedication. Notoriously difficult to work with as an artist he found himself taking a record deal with Arista.This was the only album made under the deal and it shines proudly as a highlight for the label. Maybe all the strife was the catalyst to some great songs;which is so commonly the case with soul artists
I bet Arista (C.Davis) wished they still had him signed then!
I still thnk this album stands up well to comparisons with his other great works and its highlight is my favourite track 'Give it Up' which is truly Womagical.

Tracks as follows

1. Roads Of Life - Great opener,little Womack rap at start sets the soulful tone for the album.

2. How Could You Break My Heart - Lush strings, great production, ballsy vocals - hear that scream. Pure soul.

3. Honey Dripper Boogie - Bluesy uptempo dance number..

4. Roots In Me - The master giving a sermon,more pure soul.

5. What Are You Doin'_

6. Give It Up - Essential soul . A must have!

7. Mr. DJ Don't Stop The Music - Great uptempo dancer

8. I Honestly Love You - Bobby goes a lil' bit country as only he can.
Good version of Olivia Newton John song.


Bobby Womack - How Could You Break My Heart

Modern soul taken from the ROADS OF LIFE album... produced by Bobby Womack and Patrick moten

Words cannot explain this song, the mans a genius, simple as that

first heard this on a soul show played by 'Robbie Vincent' back in the 80's. I was lying on the floor with old brown 80's speakers either side of my head and this came on, lets just say 'Blown away' is an understatement. WHAT A TUNE!!

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Bobby Womack - How could you break my heart - Live in London 2011

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Bobby Womack - Give It Up

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