Broadcast - The Future Crayon - 2006 Haunting IDM Experimental Indie Downtempo - Sealed 2LP

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Broadcast - The Future Crayon

Label: Warp Records
Cat#: WARPLP 146R
Format: 2 × Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Repress, Download included
Sticker on upper left hand corner reads: Broadcast: The Future Crayon Vinyl Repress includes free download code
A collection of 18 tracks taken from rare & limited edition singles, EPs & compilations
Country: UK
Released: 2015
Genre: Electronic, Rock
Style: Leftfield, Indie Rock, Abstract, Downtempo, Synth-pop, Experimental


A1 Illumination 3:15
A2 Still Feels Like Tears 3:41
A3 Small Song IV 3:39
A4 Where Youth And Laughter Go 2:43
A5 One Hour Empire 1:42
A6 Distant Call 3:33

B1 Poem Of Dead Song 2:30
B2 Hammer Without A Master 4:59
B3 Locusts 5:00
B4 Chord Simple 4:38

C1 Daves Dream 4:01
C2 DDL 2:28
C3 Test Area 5:53
C4 Unchanging Window / Chord Simple 6:59

D1 A Man For Atlantis 3:15
D2 Minus Two 4:16
D3 Violent Playground 2:11
D4 Belly Dance 4:48


Artwork – Broadcast, Julian House

A4, C1 and D4 originally released on Extended Play (2000) WAP129CD
A1, B1, C4 and D1 originally released on Extended Play Two (2000) WAP141CD
A2, A3, A5, D2 and D3 originally released on Pendulum EP (2003) WAP162CD
A6 originally released as b side to Come on Let's Go 7"single (2000) 7WAP132
B2 originally released on Wap100 We Are Reasonable People (1998) WAP100CD
B3 and B4 originally released on Come On Let's Go (2000) WAP132CD
C2 originally released on All Tomorrow's Parties 01 (2001) ATPR CD1
C3 originally released on Echo's Answer (1999) WAP125CD

It open with the steady, solid "Illumination," where a steady bassline is wrapped up in airy synth, while Trish Keenan's clear voice croons a hard-to-decipher song. The music gets even harder in the second song, which is a droning ballad that sounds like a robot love song.

From there on, the spattering of B-sides and rarities takes all sorts of directions -- they do twinkly yet ominous pop melodies, meditative noodling, abrasive little sci-fi jazz numbers that never really form into songs, Middle-Eastern trip-hop, buzzy folk, angular electronica, and airy ambient numbers that drift off while you listen to them.

It's hard to really describe the sound of Broadcast, while avoiding words like "retro." In fact, it doesn't really sound like a retro band, but like a bunch of ghosts and meditative robots who have formed a sixties cover band, and are playing on a wintry morning. Yep, that's how it really sounds

Trish Keenan's voice is one of Broadcast's most important assets -- her voice is clear, cool and thoughtful. James Cargill's music serves as the perfect backdrop for her singing and the cool, intelligent lyrics. "Some words cannot be bound/no anchor can be found/this land which used/will be too confused/and when they shake your hand/the ground will break away..."

Although a collection of B-sides, EP tracks and rarities, The Future Crayon is a great starting point for people new to Broadcast's blend of dreamy pop, experimental electronica and psychedelic rock.

Most of these tracks were recorded between 2000 and 2003, a very fruitful period for the group. Opener "Illumination" is one of the finest songs they've ever recorded, with it's one note picked bass line, swelling ambient strings and Trish Keenen's stoned vocal delivery. Elsewhere the band glides effortlessly from krautrock influenced pop ("Still Feels Like Tears"), to jazz improv wierdness ("One Hour Empire"), to space-age lounge ("Daves Dream"), and even into noisy electronic sound-collage ("Minus Two"), without ever sounding the least bit pretentious.

The band have often been compared to Stereolab, and with good reason, they share their love of analog synths, propulsive beats, ambient drone and experimentation, but Broadcast are by no means followers.

Probably my favorite though, is "Unchanging Window/Chord Simple", an extended and more tripped-out version of a song from their 2000 album The Noise Made By People. This sounds kind of like if Jefferson Airplane relocated to Mars for an acid kool-aid test in outer space.

And just when you think there can't possibly be any surprises left, Broadcast pull one final trick out of their sleeve. The album closes with "Bellydance", a funky little instrumental taken from the soundtrack to an imaginary spaghetti western, complete with 8-bit video game sound effects.

I also have to point out the wonderful musicianship throughout. Although there's no information on who played what in the booklet, Trish Keenen has a fantastic voice, at times whimsical and others monotone, like a sexy android. The drummer is phenomenal, whether just keeping a steady rhythm or spazzing out on some funked up jazzy beats. A lot of the time you can't even tell what instrument you're hearing, is it heavily treated electric guitar, tweeked keyboards or some alien instrument only they have possesion of?

Broadcast - Unchanging Window / Chord Simple

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Broadcast - A Man For Atlantis

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Broadcast - Belly Dance

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