Bruck Up - Me No No Riddem - Give It Up - Reggaeton - 12

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Bruck Up - Me No No Riddem

Label: AV8 Records
Cat #: AV 540

Executive Producer: Brian P

A1 Me No No (Club)
A2 No Better
A3 Give It Up (Club)
A4 Me No No (Clean)
A5 Give It Up (Clean)

B1 Me No No (Vocals)
B2 No Better (Vocals)
B3 Give It Up (Vocals)
B4 Instrumental

my boi from BK(brooklyn)...came down to hawaii...and he is so one time we was sessioning...and he did this shoulder movement ....which IMO looks impossible to do....and he called it the bruck up......and everytime he battle he would bust that out knowin i cant beat that move

Bruck Up Dance style
this one of jamaica's best dancers back in 1995

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Format 12"
Label AV8 Records