Buck 65 - Man Overboard - Canadian Hip Hop - Anticon - 2LP

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Buck 65 - Man Overboard

Label: Anticon
Cat #: abr-0015
Format: 2x Vinyl, LP

Vinyl: VG+ VG++  Some light wear and scuffs
Cover: Light wear on corners and edges,and slight stickwear  (see photo) 

RARE Canadian Underground HipHop
Released: 2001
Genre: Electronic, Hip Hop

Credits: Producer - Buck 65

A1 Part 1
A2 Part 2
A3 Part 3
A4 Part 4

B1 Part 5
B2 Part 6
B3 Part 7
B4 Part 8

C1 Part 9
C2 Part 10

D1 Part 11
D2 Part 12
D3 Part 13
D4 Part 14

This album, unlike most hip-hop that is shoved down the throats of todays youth, is intelligent, fresh, and free of all the cliches that go hand in hand with hip-hop. Here is an album that flows like a dream, full of excellent turn table work, thought provoking and often humorous rhymes and Nova Scotian wit. As a Nova Scotian, I am very proud to see this talented individual getting the recongition he deserves, even if I prefer the language arts series more than his most recent work.

Buck 65 - Secret Splendor
Manoverboard = classic

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Format 2LP
Label Anticon