Cage The Elephant - Tell Me I'm Pretty - 2015 Indie Alt Rock - Sealed 180 Grm LP + Insert

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Cage The Elephant - Tell Me I'm Pretty

Label: RCA Records – 88875-141701-4, DSP – 88875-141701-4
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: US
180 gram vinyl. Download code printed on insert with lyrics, liner notes and credits.
Released: 18 Dec 2015
Genre: Rock
Style: Alternative Rock


A1 Cry Baby 4:07
A2 Mess Around 2:53
A3 Sweetie Little Jean 3:45
A4 Too Late To Say Goodbye 4:13
A5 Cold Cold Cold 3:34

B1 Trouble 3:46
B2 How Are You True 4:41
B3 That's Right 3:53
B4 Punchin' Bag 3:51
B5 Portuguese Knife Fight 3:38

Up until now, my favorite Cage the Elephant album was their polarizing "Thank You, Happy Birthday". It was so different and edgy yet beautiful. I still think "Shake Me Down" was their best single too. Just like how many weren't impressed with that album, I wasn't impressed with their next album "Melophobia" which most did like. You can disagree. It's just my opinion. After "Melophobia" I wasn't really interested in the band anymore. I also wasn't too sure when they released their new single "Mess Around" leading up to this albums release. The song just didn't hit me the right way. I wasn't even going to buy or listen to this album until I heard their other far superior song "Trouble". So I impulsively went to the store and got this. Now I have found a new favorite from the band in this album. It's not even as polarizing in its sound, yet it is still different enough to have some people running for the hills. That isn't why I love this album so much though. The lead single really doesn't even somewhat map out the sound of the rest of the album. It is just a genuinely good rock album. Here is a track by track review of what I think is their best album to date.

1. Cry Baby: This opener lifts things off with a space rock sound. At first I didn't think this was that good. But of course it grew and grew on me. The track is very rifforific with its guitars. It sounds like it was taken from a 1960s rock album yet its modern at the same time. The final minute of the song veers into a completely different direction that I wish lasted longer. 9/10
2. Mess Around: I don't think this was the best choice for a lead single. I was annoyed by it so much at first. But it has grown on me. The guitar riff and Danger Mouse-esque synths that had many crying "BLACK KEYS" in a negative way actually makes this song undeniably catchy. It's not a favorite of mine, but I can see why its popular. I predict it would be good for movie and commercial soundtracks. 8.5/10
3. Sweetie Little Jean: This one sounds like a mix of The Beatles and Modest Mouse slightly. Matthew hits the high falsetto style notes in such a strange and appealing way. Around 2 minutes into the guitars really blast off magically with the chorus. A candidate for a single in my opinion. 9.5/10
4. Too Late To Say Goodbye: This is another potential single. The buzzing guitars are amazing as always. The sounds build up in the background as the song progresses. There is also a nice haunting guitar solo that leads to the fantastic and chilling final chorus. 9.5/10
5. Cold Cold Cold: This has a very catchy main guitar riff that wouldn't sound out of place on a modern The Doors record. I said the riff was catchy, well the chorus is twice as infectious. The many small different layers sprinkled throughout the song really are great. The song keeps building and building till the end perfectly. One of the best from the band. Ever. 10/10

6. Trouble: This should have been the lead single. I can't stress how much I believe this would've hyped up the album much better than "Mess Around". I think it might be their best song altogether. The way Matthew sings each note so effortlessly beautifully. The different guitar ticks. The lushness throughout. This song is perfect. It mixes all of the sounds the band has attempted so far in their career into one song. It is hinted at as a single, and I predict this to become their biggest hit. In fact I'm already voting this as the Song of the Year for 2016. 11/10

7. How Are You True: Musically this sounds like it was influenced by Oasis and David Bowie. This is a haunting ballad destined to be a favorite. As with most of the album this song builds upon itself until the end adding layer upon layer nicely. The ending is so beautifully heartbreaking in its simplicity as well. The way Matts voice seems to break toward the end always adds that lasting effect. This should've been the closing song in my opinion. 10/10
8: That's Right: Right after the previous song breaks hearts, this gives you a jump start. It's a fun and uplifting song in every aspect. The chorus is probably their most gimmicky its so hard not to feel so great inside hearing it. It sounds like they had a good time making this one. One of their catchiest without a doubt. I'd choose this as a single too. 10/10
9. Punchin' Bag: This sounds like it would've been great for the soundtrack to Kill Bill or at least a music video inspired by it. The lyrics are very serious but the sound is executed in a fun and almost wacky fashion. Catchy to the point of insanity. 9/10
10. Portuguese Knife Fight: Another song full of awesome guitar riffs and a pulsing bass. The chorus sounds like a mix of Arctic Monkeys and maybe a little early Black Sabbath surprisingly. I would love to jump up and down to this at a concert. It ends very abruptly. Really leaves me wanting more each time in a good way. 9.5/10

So though this was produced by Dan Auerbich, it only mildly sounds like the Black Keys in some minor moments (Mess Around). The album doesn't have one specific sound. Yet it all sounds cohesive together. It's all over the place yet all in the right place. The sound is different from all of their previous outings but is definitely that of CTE. Some people are complaining about the change in sound again. If you don't like it, you don't like it. Doesn't make it bad. I urge you to give it at least 3 listens before fully forming your opinion. t is their true Magnum Opus in my opinion. And as I said, I really believe "Trouble" is their masterpiece song.

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Format LP, 180 Gram
Label RCA
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