cEvin Key - The Ghost Of Each Room - 2001 Industrial - Blue Vinyl Ltd 200 Copies 2LP

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cEvin Key - The Ghost Of Each Room

Label: Artoffact Records
Cat#: AOF210
Format: Vinyl, LP, Ghost Blue
Vinyl, LP, Single Sided, Etched, Ghost Blue
Limited to 200 copies in a gatefold sleeve.
All Media, Limited Edition, Reissue
Country: Canada
Released: 2015
Genre: Electronic
Style: Abstract, IDM, Experimental


A1 Bobs Shadow
Electronics, Drums – cEvin Key
Guitar – Justin Bennett
Theremin – Frank Verschuuren

A2 Tatayama
Electronics, Drums – cEvin Key
Voice, Saxophone – K. Tokoi

A3 Horopter
Electronics – Frank Verschuuren
Electronics, Drums – cEvin Key
Synthesizer [Reaktor] – Omar Torres

B1 15th Shade
Bass Guitar – Bill Van Rooy
Electronics, Drums, Guitar – cEvin Key
Voice – Edward Ka-Spel

B2 Sklang
Effects [Spectral Delay] – Kent Clelland
Electronics, Bass, Tape [Tapes] – cEvin Key
Synthesizer – Phil Western
Synthesizer [Reaktor] – Omar Torres

B3 Frozen Sky
Electronics – Ken Marshall
Electronics, Drums – cEvin Key
Guitar, E-Bow – Saki Kaskas
Mixed By – Hiwatt Marshall*
Producer – Marshall*, Key*
Voice – Nivek Ogre

B4 Aphasia
Electronics – cEvin Key

C1 Klora
Electronics, Electronics [Radio], Drums – cEvin Key

C2 Cccc4
Electronics, Synthesizer [Reaktor] – cEvin Key

C3 A Certain Stuuckey
Bass [3rd Jazz] – Ryan Moore
Electronics, Drums, Bass Guitar [Snappy], Bass [Sub], Recorded By [Ritual Recording], Effects – cEvin Key
Guitar [Talking], Effects – Martijn De Kleer
Synthesizer – Silverman
Voice – Edward Ka-Spel

Cevin Key's 2001 offering, The Ghost of Each Room is not easy listening. If you like to listen strictly to 4/4 time music, this album will most likely appall you. There are some tunes that leave me with a sour feeling in my head. "Horopter" is one of these, with its repetitious sick-making basslines.

However, if you like to hear what deconstructed electronica mixed with a bit of jazz sounds like, this is the album for you. Despite its experimental nature, or maybe even because of it, Cevin Key retains a bit of the old Skinny Puppy sound. Some of those synth sounds seem familiar. The opening track, "Bob's Shadow," mixes theremin (courtesy of Frank Verschuuren) with a more modern sound. There's just something about the theremin that makes me think creepy black-and-white movie, and its juxtaposition with trippy drums makes me think something bizarre is about to happen to me any time now.
Cevin plays with sounds in a disconcerting manner. In "Sklang," he incorporates sounds that, if I didn't know better, would make me think I was listening to a slightly corrupted mp3 file. The vox of Edward Ka-Spel and Nivek Ogre are welcome additions to other tracks. Ka-Spel appears on "15th Shade," making it sound for all the world like a new Tear Garden track. "Frozen Sky," featuring Nivek Ogre, will mostly likely receive the most airplay on alternative radio stations. After all, this song is basically a new Skinny Puppy release.
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Condition New
Format 2LP
Label Artoffact Records