Chab - Lover - Satoshi Tomiie - 3D Remix - Prog House 12"

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CHAB - Lover (Satoshi Tomiie 3D mixes)

Label: SAW Recordings
US Issue
Cat No: SAW 051
Format: 12"
Released: 6th March, 2006
Genre: Progressive/Electro House 12"

Side 1

1. Lover" (Satoshi Tomiie 3D remix)

Side 2

1. Lover" (Satoshi Tomiie 3D dub)

Coming off the huge success of "Closer to Me" and the album it came from "Dub Edits and Whiskey-Coke", Chab gets the remix treatment from SAW label boss Satoshi Tomiie as part of his current Renaissance 3D release.

For those who know the original, Tomiie has removed some of the more organic sounds and higher-pitched elements to create a deeper feel, while adding a more active bass line to keep things moving. The Lover 3D Main Mix makes early use of the original moodily-paced keys, and the muffled vocal periodically throughout the track. It's a simple repeated loop though not overexposed, and suits the moody instruments added. The track does build up in a quite contained way towards the end with pulsed rhythmic synths and subtle bouncy leads joined by acid and filtered strings. Still, it's never over the top.

The Lover 3D Dub Mix starts with a kick, and and has similar elements to the Main with the vocal used only once in a breakdown. Making earlier use of the main synth motif and swirling pads Tomiie keeps interest levels up, but again pushes the mood deeper, introducing a little metallic percussion on the side. Almost 2 minutes shorter than the Main Mix, there's less playing around here and more about getting things into a slightly deeper mood.

Both mixes are unquestionably electro-influenced yet showcase Satoshi's mastery of all things deep. I would probably go for the Dub, as it's a purer and deeper version of the already deep original. However if vocals are your thing then the Main could be the one for you on this, another smooth release for the SAW camp.
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Condition New
Format 12"
Label Saw Recordings