Chelsea Light Moving - S/T - Thurston Moore - Sonic Youth - Alt Rock Post Punk LP + 7"

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Chelsea Light Moving - Chelsea Light Moving

Label: Matador
Cat#: ole 1010-1
Format: Vinyl, LP
Vinyl, 7", 45 RPM
Gatefold sleeve. Sleeve has printed artwork on the inside.
All Media, Album
Country: US
Released: 05 Mar 2013
Genre: Rock
Style: Post-Punk, Experimental, Alternative Rock


A1 Lip
A2 Sleeping Where I Fall
A3 Alighted
A4 Empires Of Time

B1 Groovy + Linda
B2 Burroughs
B3 Mohawk
B4 Frank O'Hara Hit


C Heavenmetal

D Communist Eyes

Written-By – Darby Crash, Pat Smear

The end of Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore's 27-year marriage left Sonic Youth with an uncertain future, and the four compulsively creative members of the band lacking one of their largest outlets for sound. While none of the players had ever been short of side projects, news of the formation of Chelsea Light Moving seemed especially weighty.

The first Thurston-fronted rock band in a similar mold as the recently filed away Sonic Youth could either fill the substantial void left by the legendary guitar mutilators or follow Moore's antagonistic noisy tendencies into messy, self-indulgent disappointment. The quartet's self-titled debut of what they've coined as "Burroughs rock" does neither, however. Tracks like "Groovy & Linda" and "Frank O' Hara Hit" rely on the same signature marriage of dissonance and obscure, cloudy-headed pop in Sonic Youth's more aimlessly wandering moments on albums like Washing Machine and Murray Street.

Thurston's bohemian poetry scene lyrics are also in rare form, with songs like album opener "Heavenmetal" finding him spouting surreal collaged lines that evoke both heartbreak and joy over one of the album's more subdued guitar patterns. Chelsea Light Moving tend toward heavier zones than most of Moore's rock-based output.

Rather than stretching out into extensive chiming guitar meditations, tracks like the blistering "Alighted" sound sludgy, depraved, and listlessly angry. On songs like these a closer parallel could be drawn to Bleach-era Nirvana or the Melvins albums that inspired it than any Sonic Youth material. While Moore's new group is clearly the sound of a band in a room rocking out, fronted by one of America's more legendary noise rock figures, it becomes apparent quickly that the chemistry and interplay between the four members is what made Sonic Youth's sound so densely dreamy and lovingly damaged. Chelsea Light Moving finds Moore in a mode only somewhat removed from his more rock-oriented solo albums, certainly digging in to the wilder side of his multifaceted approach to sound, but stopping before spiraling into grating or overly self-aware histrionics. Chelsea Light Moving doesn't fill the still-warm shoes of Sonic Youth, but it isn't meant to.

The album is fun, huge, and pleasantly confused (as evidenced in part by the out-of-place Germs cover that closes the album) but ultimately just another chapter in Moore's lifelong exploration of sound, poetry, and the darkest corners of American subcultures he helped build, and continues to add to.

The album is laden with other references to avant garde artists, the 1960s counterculture movement and New York. The title of both the album and the band is a reference to the Chelsea Light Moving Company, a moving company run by cash-strapped composers Philip Glass and Steve Reich. Moore noted that "Frank O'Hara Hit" alludes to the death of the poet Frank O'Hara, who was killed after being struck by a dune buggy on July 24, 1966 on Fire Island, New York. Moore praised O'Hara as knowing "poetry in all it's [sic] formalist glory and like John Cage's ear to music liberated it for writers for an unending time."

"Empires of Time" is a tribute to Roky Erickson, vocalist and guitarist of The 13th Floor Elevators. According to Moore, "if there's anything to be known about 'Empires of Time', know that it is a call of honor, and a kiss on the hallowed forehead, to Roky Erickson of Austin, Texas, a maestro of American psychedelic rock n roll of the highest order." "Groovy & Linda" refers to Linda Fitzpatrick and James "Groovy" Hutchinson, an East Village hippie couple who were murdered in the late 1960s, and who "were seen as a mortal wound to the carefree image of the hippie movement."

Chelsea Light Moving - Burroughs (Music Video)

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Chelsea Light Moving - Groovy and Linda

Not to be confused with the 1968 coffee house folk song by Tom Parrott (recorded for Smithsonian Folkways), this chug n' shred burner is a psycho reflection of late 60s NYC East Village hippie idealism slayed and splayed in an Avenue B tenement boiler room. Groovy was the boy born James Leroy Hutchinson from modest American means and Linda was Linda Fitzpatrick, she from a privileged nuclear household, both runaways to the lysergic pulchritude of peace, love and marijuana. When The Fugs went on tour in 1967 ringleader Ed Sanders enlisted Groovy to care take his Peace Eye bookstore at a "secret location on the lower east side" (E. 10th St., actually). An incredible underground poetry bookstore/art gallery/hip hang out and orgy hook up scene, Groovy turned it into a barefoot mantra crash pad for all the beautiful zonkers and speed freaks of alphabet city. It was hard for even a grouch like Sanders to get too miffed at Groovy who actually believed in the wild animal dreams of hippie. Groovy was in love with Linda, a starry-eyed goddess nymph and they were the power flower couple of Tompkins Square. Tragedy flapped its nightmare wings and the two were found brutally beaten and killed bathed in blood and mystery amidst their tie-dye rags and rolling papers. It signaled the end of the fairytale that the media presented in day-glo color come-hitherness in the pages of Life and Look magazine. The following year Charles Manson and his dune buggy motherfuckers would exact an even farther cry of chaos and killing in the bamboozled hills of Los Angeles. We, Chelsea Light Moving, want to mantra the names of these two angels of beauty, regardless of the cynicism and naïveté of youth, for these are the charms of the soul. "Don't shoot!!" —-- we are your children......

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Chelsea Light Moving - Lip

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