Chelsea Wolfe - Apocalypsis - 2014 Gothic Drone Folk Experimental - Sealed 180 Grm LP

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Chelsea Wolfe - Apocalypsis

Label: Sargent House
Cat#: SH 127
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue
Includes insert with lyrics and credits.
Country: US
Released: 20 Jul 2014
Genre: Rock, Folk, World, & Country
Style: Noise, Experimental, Folk


A1 Primal // Carnal 0:27
A2 Mer 3:42
A3 Tracks (Tall Bodies) 3:57
A4 Demons 3:13
A5 Movie Screen 5:35

B1 The Wasteland 4:02
B2 Moses 4:03
B3 Friedrichshain 2:43
B4 Pale On Pale 6:54
B5 To The Forest, Towards The Sea 2:43

Copyright (c) – Chelsea Wolfe

If Leslie Feist is Glenda the Good Witch, then Chelsea Wolfe must be shopping for stripey socks and monkey flea balm. Thats the most obvious comparison that springs to mind, if Feist is busy knitting a winter sweater out of leaves and autumnal breezes, then Ms. Wolfe must be sculpting a Gibson SG out of black tar and longing ..listen to "Tall Tracks(Bodies )" a couple of times and see if you don't sing it to yourself for days...I mean, "we could be two straight lines in a crooked world"? Awesome.

Chelsea Wolfe really redefines what it means to be `dark' in the music industry. This is not to say that what she does is particularly grim or dreadful, she really inspires beauty in the dark voids she inhabits, like a blackened angel. But she does this in an accessible way that is more internally rather than externally affecting. Her gloomy voice gently looms over each composition, slowly infusing itself with the music, as if Chelsea herself is embracing that darkness that afflicts her.

It's Gothic in a rather 21st Century way. I'm sure this album will attract it's share of naysayers shouting from a rulebook of what is or isn't truly Gothic. But the fact of the matter is that Chelsea Wolfe, whether she binds herself to her genre claims or not, is creating harrowing music, product of a gloomy soul. Just try to listen to `Pale on Pale' or `Movie Screen' without feeling a stirring sense of blackness and oblivion in your heart. And if evoking those kind of emotions in the listener isn't a feat of truly Gothic music, then what exactly is?

3rd release from Los Angeles artist--haunted avant-garde moments from the level of Hell where beauty & innocence are disguised and perverted as beckoning black-clad sirens, undulating to the rhythm of disturbed rock time. The press calls it "doom-drenched electric (Goth) folk". These eerie songs/chants/sounds calmly & coldly explore the nature and essence of creepy celestialism--a journey through a gorgeously hypnotic atmosphere, where slow-dancing angelsare gaunt & grey with hazy, bloodshot eyes riveted to your spirit. A dangerously interesting opium twist/float through deceivingly gentle, thick spaces. Sometimes reminiscent of Zola
Jesus, Swans/Jarboe, Gazelle Twin, EMA, Passarella Death Squad, Esben and the Witch.

Chelsea Wolfe - Primal/Carnal

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Chelsea Wolfe - Mer

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Chelsea Wolfe - Demons

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Chelsea Wolfe - Movie Screen (at Room 205)

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Format LP
Label Sargent House
Color Black