Cheryl Lynn - Got To Be Real - - Disco Soul Classic Hip Hop Brk Party Anthem 12 EP

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Cheryl Lynn - Got to be Real

Reissue Columbia

( New ) 12"


A Side

Got To Be Real

5m 22s Version.

B Side

Star Love

Sampled by Father MC and many others
Ultimate Disco Funk Party Jam..

A phenomenon of popular culture, TV’s Gong Show produced at least one memorable talent. L.A. lady Cheryl Lynn walked off-stage with a record deal and cut the triumphant “Got To Be Real.” Liberating, unapologetic, the song was symbolic of the New Woman’s demand to be treated truthfully. She may have been swallowed when the disco channel changed, but by encouraging people to come out with their own truths, she left an anthem for every small town outcast in the television audience.

Cheryl Lynn - Got To Be Real

I loved this song as a kid. But, when I saw the episode of Sex In The City where Carrie "STRUTTED" down that runway as a model......I feel in love with it all over again. That episode had a fever pitch of music leading up to the finale with this song....

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Condition New
Format EP , 12, 12"
Label Columbia
Color Black