Cleaners From Venus - Extra Wages - 1992 Outtakes Unreleased Trks Lo-Fi Psych LP

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Cleaners From Venus - Extra Wages

Label: Captured Tracks
Cat#: CT205LP
Includes Liner Notes from Martin Newell
Available for 1st time on vinyl!
Vinyl LP
1992 recording
2014 Issue

Clyde Side

1. It Could Have Been Cheryl
2. The Iceberg And Unicorn
3. The World Strikes One
4. The Princes Of Suburbia
5. Rusty Iron Sun
6. Gatecrashing Oyster Park

Tyne Side

7. Finding My Own Way Home
8. Red Guitars And Silver Tam
9. Everytime I Go Up
10. The Green Gold Girl Of The
11. We ' ll Build A House

This LP contains the remaing outtakes from Newell's 1992 recordings that resulted in "My Back Wages", along with other rare and unreleased music from the Cleaners From Venus. It would be nice and tidy to be able to say that the Cleaners from Venus story ended right here with this rather more than definitive collection of broken or misshapen tracks. The truth of the matter, however is that the story may not quite be over yet... "

For a catch all comparison think of them as an English Guided By Voices. They have the same slap dash approach, the same knack of producing melodies that sound like they should be classics, the same 60’s obsession. Where they differ, though, is that Martin Newell and co are a much more pastoral proposition, obsessed with autumn, cornfields, girls and small town melancholy. XTC is probably the nearest they get to English contemporaries.

The first three tracks on this very worthwhile LP yield immediate results. ‘It Could Have Been Cheryl’ has a skyscraping melody, ‘The Iceberg and Unicorn’ is pure watery melancholy, ‘The World Strikes One’ is another example of Newell’s timeless songwriting and provincial town world view.

The songs here seem to be mostly acoustic, probably demos meant to be recorded in the studio at some point but even in these stripped back versions the classy songwriting shines through.
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Label Captured Tracks