Color Me Psycho - Pretend I'm Your Father - Canadian Horror Punk LP

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Color Me Psycho - Pretend I'm Your Father

Label: Raging Records
Catalog#: RAGE 002
Format: Vinyl, LP
Record is VG+ VG++ (listen to our copy)
Cover has minor corner wear and one cm fold marks down the left side. (see our picture)

Country: Canada
Released: 1988
Genre: Rock
Style: Punk
printed inner sleeve. The members of CMP later formed The Forbidden Dimension.


A1 Sacred Valley Penetration
A2 What's Yer Phobia
A3 Sinister Urge
A4 Let's Play Doktor
A5 My Favorite Nightmare

B1 October God
B2 Untamed World
B3 Surfin' Gomorrah
B4 Six Foot Jane
B5 Mother 's Worry
B6 Give You The Gears

Jack Keen: noise bass, background yelling
Johnny Twelvefingers: visceral organs
S__ P____ Lärkin: drumbs
Aleister Hexxx: eyesore guitar, hootin' and hollerin'

Produced and directed by Randy "Needle" Parker and Color Me Psycho at R and L Studios, Calgary 1988. All songs written by Hexxx, Keen, Larkin, Twelvefingers—except + (Haze, Hexxx, Larkin, Keen 1986) and * (Hexxx, Keen, Larkin, Dez 1985)
Because God told us to... CAPAC REG.

Trash. There I said it. It’s one of the essential ingredients in Horror punk. Trash, like the New York Dolls sang about, Trash in the way the Cramps would shout it, and Trash in that overdriven attitude of teen energy that all us old bastards only wish we could recapture.

I have news for you kids, youth is wasted on the young. Speaking of young trash, one Alistair Hexx, before he changed his name to Jackson Phibes was a purveyor of near perfect trash when he fronted the band Color Me Psycho, which last I heard he liked to call Color Me Sucko. Calgary Canada’s great fuzz and organ driven garage rock revivalist who while never overtly horror playing the Psychotronic playground of genre fair, bashing out tunes about sex, and weird gods, deadly cars and fear.

Since starting out in the primordial-ooze of the Calgary-based garbagy/garagy Color Me Psycho, entertainer Jackson Phibes has been dishing out macabre-tinged rockin' slop to disbelieving audiences for over 13 years. CMP managed to stay together for 3 years of tyranny and stagnation, releasing a few tapes and one full-length piece o' vinyl (the now collector's item "Pretend I'm your Father" album).

Immediately following the demise of his first ill-fated stab at the small-time, Phibes (who was still toiling under the dubious nom de axe, Aleister Hexxx) set about initiating a head-long dive into the horror-rock ghettos with the Forbidden Dimension."
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Format LP
Label Raging Records