Cult of Daath - Slit Throats and Ritual Nights - Black Metal - 2LP

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Cult Of Daath - Slit Throats And Ritual Nights

Label: Nuclear War Now! Productions
Catalog#: ANTI-GOTH 055
Format: 2 x Vinyl, LP, Album, Gatefold, 180 gram

Country: US
Released: 21 Nov 2006
Genre: Rock
Style: Black Metal
Written-By, Recorded By, Mixed By, Mastered By - Cult Of Daath
Notes: Written, recorded, mixed and mastered at Underdark Studios in Fall 2004.

Record is VG++/Mint.
Gatefold cover has slight ring-wear.


A1 Bestial Atonement (Mountains Of Burning Offal)
A2 Conceived Through Black Mass Rape (Obscene Rites Part I)

B1 Inhuman Sacrifice
B2 Necrospells (Obscene Rites Part II)

C1 Midnight Mutilation
C2 Occult Obsession

D1 Drink The Blood From The Skull
D2 Transcending The Great Satan

This approach PERFECTLY suits Cult Of Daath's aesthetic aspirations, varnishing the record with several impenetrable veneers of filth. As with most of their first-wave-cohered-through-a-second-wave-approach brethren, CoD live and die by the riff, and the riffs are A-PLENTY on this affair! The closest parallel one could establish here is to (you guessed it) 'Panzerfaust', another record that resurrected ancient specters through a slightly more modern presentation. The 'Moonfog'-isms are a little hard to neglect here, particularly in many of the Fenriz-esque beats employed by Wargoat Obscurum, though CoD are far from mere replicas- much like Darkthrone did with 'Panzerfaust', CoD revisit the bloodsoaked roots of occult metal, resurrecting ancient spirits through sonic ritual. Admittedly, there are sections where the record gets a little too monotonous for my tastes, but thankfully CoD have enough of a grasp on dynamic songwriting to throw a thrashy interlude into the fray (case in point: “Occult Obsession”, which seems to meander for far too long, dwelling on riffs that never really go anywhere, and then a VERY COOL Celtic Frost passage cuts through the swathes of fog 03:52 through to OWN YOU). 9 Minute closer “Transcending The Great Satan” is noteworthy here, meshing strident, insistent bursts of double bass with more elaborate, despairing downtempo sections. There is a VERY ritualistic feel to the ceaseless repetition and cruel simplicity here, all anchored by very tasteful, ominous double bass.

This is, beyond any reasonable doubt, far and away the best thing Cult of Daath have done, and considering how malevolent their past endeavors have been, this is a very positive thing. While first wave revivalism seems to be the en vogue thing nowadays, and CoD might at times appear slightly redundant in light of more accomplished contemporaries like Megiddo, there is real honesty and EVIL within the 48 minutes of this recording. If you live for carrion-infested, NECKWRECKING black metal in its most perverse incarnation, you'd be advised not to miss this.
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Condition New
Format 2LP
Label N2 Records
Color Black