D.O.A. - Something Better Change - Canada Punk Ltd Ed 180 Grm Green Vinyl LP

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D.O.A. - Something Better Change

Label: Sudden Death Records
Format: Vinyl, LP, Limited Edition, Album, Green Vinyl
Country: Canada
Released: 2011
Genre: Rock
Style: Punk


30th Anniversary Release.
Limited Edition of 1000 copies on marbled green vinyl.
Includes Original Lyric Insert and Original Photo Foldout.


A1 New Age 2:16
A2 The Enemy 2:44
A3 2+2 3:55
A4 Get Out Of My Life 2:07
A5 Woke Up Screaming 2:38
A6 Last Night 3:19

B1 13 2:17
B2 Great White Hope 2:43
B3 The Prisoner 1:54
B4 Rich Bitch 3:01
B5 Take A Chance 1:47
B6 Whatcha Gonna Do? 4:39
B7 World War 3 3:34
B8 New Wave Sucks


Bass – Randy Rampage, Stubby Pecker* (tracks: A5, B3, B4, B7)
Design [Album Design] – Ken Lester
Drums – Chuck Biscuits
Engineer – Ron Obvious (tracks: B6)
Guitar – Dave Gregg
Guitar, Vocals – Joey Shithead

Along with the Subhumans, D.O.A. were, and are still, Canada's most powerful punk band! On this album, D.O.A. was: Joey S**thead - Guitar & Vocals, Randy Rampage (also of Canadian speed-metallers Annhilator!) - Bass, Chuck Biscuits (also of Samhain, Black Flag, Social Distortion, Danzig, Circle Jerks and so many others!)- Drums, Dave Gregg - Guitar and Keyboard. Simon Wilde played bass on Woke up Screaming, The Prisoner , Rich Bitch and World War III. This album was originally released on the legendary Vancouver Label Friends Records, Friends Records, which was VERY D.I.Y. cause they re-used surplus record jackets they obtained from other record labels. They printed over the original jackets with black ink, turned them inside out and pasted their covers on the other side. It was so neatly done, most people didn’t knew that!

One of THE greatest punk albums ever made, one of the best records period. This original mix is SO superior to the mixes of these songs on Bloodied But Unbowed and Dawning Of a New Error LPs. Almost all songs could be considered "highlights". My personal faves are the Majestic "New Age", "The Enemy", the 2nd versions of "The Prisoner" and "Thirteen" (the single wasn't so great, not on this level anyways); "2+2","Woke Up Screaming" (again, an improvement on the 7" version);"Rich Bitch"...should I just list every song?!! New Age and 2+2, the best.
For those interested in punk, it doesn't get any better than this folks; this is for those who prefer their punk music politically charged (forget Green Day, BLECCH!!); the only bands that dare to deserve mention to D.O.A. in their prime are The Avengers (whose self-titled LP on C.D. Presents is the only one worth getting (even if the White Noise E.P. songs on it are inferior to the original E.P.'s versions), Stiff Little Fingers (Nobody's Heroes period), and maybe Los Olvidados (not political, more for teenage angst). D.O.A. put out a couple great records after this--Hardcore '81 and War On 45, but this is their glory, their greatest hits, so to speak, and is simply amazing. Empowering music to fight this current New Age of Bush-era crap, from the war in Iraq to S.U.V's that all these damn rich breeders own, whatever, this is a perfect antidote to both society at large and the MISERABLE musical non-situation. You like punk, or powerful thrtee or four chord rock with INCREDIBLY forceful vocals (Joey S---head; that's his name, folks), this this album is for you. 6 stars. A punk masterpiece. THIS is "classic" rock in MY book!

D.O.A. - Something Better Change 1980 [Full Album]

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D.O.A - World War 3

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/BH6qLCzvjjA" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

D.O.A. - New Age

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/XX8nm9H54qY" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

D.O.A. - The Enemy

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/NOp-zPpTg7M" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

D.O.A. - Woke Up Screaming

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Condition New
Format LP
Label Sudden Death Records
Color Black