Dave Matthews Band - Away From The World - 2012 Rock - Clear Vinyl 2LP

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Dave Matthews Band - Away From The World

Label: RCA


Format: 2 × Vinyl, LP, Album, Clear, Limited Issue
Gatefold sleeve
pic inner sleeves

Country: US

Released: 2012

Genre: Rock, Folk, World, & Country

Style: Arena Rock, Classic Rock, Prog Rock


A1 Broken Things

A2 Belly Belly Nice

A3 Mercy

B1 Guacho

B2 Sweet

B3 The Riff

C1 Belly Full

C2 If Only

C3 Rooftop

D1 Snow Outside

D2 Drunken Soldier

It was hard to anticipate just where Dave Matthews Band would go after BIG WHISKEY AND THE GROOGRUX KING. The biggest predictor would be the band's decision to bring longtime producer Steve Lilywhite back into the studio; having produced the band's first three albums, it seemed somewhat likely that he would bring the band's 90's sound with him. As it turns out, the band's 8th full-length album sounds like a mix between some of the creative direction of BIG WHISKEY with some of the ideas from the band's early career.

Some of these songs will be a little familiar: "If Only," "Gaucho," "Sweet" and "Mercy" have been road-tested earlier this year while the band was on tour. The album begins with "Broken Things," a song that centers around a jolting guitar riff before giving way to the rest of the band working together in unison. This song sets the precedent for the album: not only is it a strong melodic song, but it's sprinkled with political overtones, with a few lines here and there flecked with political discontent. "Belly Belly Nice," (the worst song title on the album, so it only gets better from here, I promise) features a soaring chorus that recalls Dave Matthews from the late 1990's. The politically-charged lead single, "Mercy" centers around Matthews vocals and instrumentation - it's a simple song, but after being exposed to the full band jamming on the previous two tracks, it's hard for it to stand up to those heights.

The dynamic "The Riff" begins pretty bare before the rest of the band opens up (similar to "Broken Things"); it's one of the more rocking tracks (and it's great live) and it shifts frequently from loud to soft passages. "If Only" stands as one of the album's highlights; like "Mercy," it feels a little more stripped down, but the melody is fantastic and impossible to ignore. The album's closer, "Drunken Solider" effortlessly manages between horns and acoustics - it is packed with an energy we see DMB bring most often on stage. These moments, when all the members of the band are working, make this album a must-listen for DMB fans.

AWAY FROM THE WORLD is a great album from Dave Matthews Band. Listeners who enjoy the band's work (especially their first three albums), are sure to love this.


Dave Matthews Band - Mercy

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Dave Matthews Band - Guacho

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Dave Matthews Band - Sweet - Hartford, CT - 5/26/12

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Dave Matthews Band - Sweet -

love this song, its it honestly to beautiful

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Dave Matthews Band - Belly Full

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Dave Matthews Band - If Only

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