Death From Above 1979 - You're A Woman, I'm A Machine - 2004 Alt Electro Noise Rock LP

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Death From Above 1979 - You're A Woman, I'm A Machine

Label: Last Gang Records
Cat#: Q1 00902
Format: Vinyl, LP, 2012 Issue, Album
Original only a CD (1st LP issue)
Country: Canada
Originally Recorded: 2004
Released: 21 Apr 2012
Genre: Electronic, Rock
Style: Rock & Roll, Electro, Punk


A1 Turn It Out
A2 Romantic Rights
A3 Going Steady
A4 Go Home, Get Down
A5 Blood On Our Hands
A6 Black History Month

B1 Little Girl
B2 Cold War
B3 You're A Woman, I'm A Machine
B4 Pull Out
B5 Sexy Results

(c) & (p) 2004 Last Gang Records Inc.
Made in Canada

Recorded Feb-Apr 2004 @ The Chemical Sound, Toronto
Additional recordings done @ Studio Plateau, Montreal
Mastered by Joao Carvahlo in his amazing studio
All songs published by Casino Steel Publishing Inc. & Iggy Softrock Publishing Inc.

You're a Woman, I'm a Machine was recorded from February to April 2004 at The Chemical Sound in Toronto. Additional recording was done at Studio Plateau in Montreal and the album was engineered and produced by Al-P, with the exception of the Montreal sessions which were engineered by Drew Malamud.

All songs were written and recorded by Sebastien Grainger (drums/vocals) and Jesse F. Keeler (bass/synthesizer). The album was mastered by Joao Carvalho in his studio. All songs were published by Casino Steel Publishing Inc. and Iggy Softrock Publishing Inc. "Romantic Rights", "Blood on Our Hands" and "Black History Month" have been released as singles and remixed. "Little Girl", along with "Sexy Results", have also been remixed, and appear on their remix/b-side release, Romance Bloody Romance.

Vocalist/drummer Sebastien Grainger gave the song "Black History Month" its title because it was written in February. According to a post made by bassist Jesse F. Keeler on the band's forum, the song title "Sexy Results" is taken from The Simpsons. The episode "Pygmoelian" from the television series features the running line "...with sexy results".

The album takes it name from a quote in the first episode of the 2004 reboot of Battlestar Galactica where Gauis Baltar tells Caprica Six "You're a woman," to which she responds "I'm a machine".

The liner notes dedicate the album to "Zoé", Grainger's niece.

The song "Little Girl" was used for the soundtrack of the video game Tony Hawk's American Wasteland.

With a breakdown like that, it's easy to see why Death From Above 1979 were able to lend a brief injection of vitality to the too-often dull and self-important world of rock. There may not be any guitars on this album, but the atomic riffs and screeching feedback of Jesse F. Keeler's bass and the relentlessly frenetic drum patterns of Sebastian Granger intertwine to create some of the most infectious, memorable, and downright enjoyable music released so far this decade, regardless of genre.

Sure, every song sounds basically the same, with some faster and thrashier and some slower and more pummeling, but at 11 tracks covering about thiry minutes You're a Woman, I'm a Machine isn't around long enough to wear out its welcome.

From opening to closing, Death From Above's debut full-length (and apparently their valedictory as well) is populated exclusively with sweaty, swaggering, libidinous tunes, topped by suggestive lyrics delivered in styles ranging from falsetto crooning to fearsome, confrontational shouts.

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