Diane Renay - Kiss Me Sailor - Soft-Spoken Guy - Mod Northern Popcorn - 7" - 45

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Diane Renay - Kiss Me Sailor / Soft-Spoken Guy

Label: 20th Century Fox Records
Catalog#: 477
Format: Vinyl, 7"
Record VG++

Country: US Issue
Genre: Popcorn Mod Northern
Style: Vocal

A Kiss Me Sailor

B Soft-Spoken Guy

Although both of Diane's single releases on ATCO, received airplay and charted on many area radio stations' play lists, neither songs hit the big Billboard, or Cashbox charts high enough to warrant ATCO to want to pick up their option to renew her recording contract for another two single releases, and they dropped Diane's contract. That was the best thing that could have happened to her, because after she left ATCO, "BOB CREWE" personally signed her on as one of his recording artists, that he both wrote songs and produced for her.

The rest is HISTORY, the very first recording session that "BOB CREWE" produced and wrote songs for "Diane Renay" to sing, now that she was under contract to him personally, resulted in the production and release of "NAVY BLUE"! The song hit the Top 10 Billboard Chart with a Red Bullet in the week of February 19th, 1964, "Diane Renay" was not yet 18 years old and was still in High School.

Shortly thereafter, followed an album release also titled "NAVY BLUE" from which "Diane Renay's" fourth single release titled "KISS ME SAILOR", was on. It did well on the Billboard Chart, but could not top the success of "NAVY BLUE".

Diane Renay - Kiss Me Sailor

WOW! One of my favorite songs of all time

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Format 12LP
Label 20th Century Records