Discharge - Why - 1981 Hardcore Punk Rock LP

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Discharge - Why

Label: Clay Records / Havoc Records
Catalog#: HC1244
Format: Vinyl, 12", Mini-Album, 45 RPM
Country: UK
This Issue Released: 2010
Released: 1981
Genre: Rock
Style: Hardcore, Punk
Credits: Engineer - Gavin Sutherland
Mixed By - John Brierley
Producer, Mixed By - Mike Stone


A1 Visions Of War
A2 Does This System Work
A3 A Look At Tomorrow
A4 Why
A5 Maimed And Slaughtered

B1 Mania For Conquest
B2 Ain't No Feeble Bastard
B3 Is This To Be
B4 Massacre Of Innocents (Air Attack)
B5 Why

Discharge’s music is ugly and jagged without the artistic convolution of their no-wave contemporaries overseas, nor the bluesiness of early UK “speed metal“ like Venom or Motörhead. It is catchy, repetitive, stomping chords, accentuated by drumming that seems to emphasize creating a hellacious racket rather than keep a steady beat. Song subjects are all very serious and socially conscious, yet the lyrics themselves seem more informed by emotions than political studies. Instead of creating a melody, vocalist Cal’s grunting shout merely blends in with the rhythm, a fourth instrument unto itself.

“Why”, revolutionized everything. It quite literally gave way for the atonal shredding of hardcore punk, thrash, death metal, and grind, but also the dead-serious political ideals and brutal backing of crust hardcore.

Discharge - Why?

Stoke On Trent '83

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Discharge - Visions of War

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Discharge - Maimed and Slaughtered

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