Donny Hathaway - Live - 1972 Inspired Improvised Soul - Sealed 180 Grm LP

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Donny Hathaway - Live

Music On Vinyl ‎– MOVLP652, ATCO Records ‎– MOVLP652
Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue, 180 Gram, Gatefold
180 Gram audiophile pressing.

Gatefold sleeve.
26 Nov 2012
Funk / Soul
Soul, Funk


Live at "The Bitter End " NYC + "The Troubadour" Hollywood 1971

1. What's Goin' On
2. The Ghetto
3. Hey Girl
4. You've Got A Friend


5. Little Ghetto Boy
6. We're Still Friends
7. Jealous Guy
8. Voices Inside (Everything Is Everything)



Donny Hathaway is the pinnacle of the soul artist. He wrote, arranged, whaled on the keyboard, and sang definitive interpretations of so many songs.
Donny Hathaway "Live" is one of the greatest live albums ever made and one of my desert island discs. Donny Hathaway "Live" is a permanent resident in that wallet along with Coltrane's "A Love supreme." ...Check out the Killer tracks ... especially "What's Going On", "You've Got a Friend", and "The Ghetto""Little Ghetto Boy" Donny's cover of "Jealous Guy" one of my favorite tracks on that album. Willie Weeks' classic bass solo on "Voices Inside" , which shows him as an extension of Motown's James Jamerson

This is one of the all-time classics of soul + jazz. Originally released on the Atlantic label in 1972, it is a live performance of an absolutely amazing band playing their hearts out to a very appreciative and vocal audience in what looks like a club setting. I would love to have been there. The band is Donny Hathaway on vocals and piano, Mike Howard on rythym and lead guitar, Cornell Dupree on the other lead guitar, Willie Weeks on the bass, and a conga player who I think is named Earl DeRoy and a drummer whose name I have forgotten and is uncredited. This is too bad because whoever was part of this project deserves to be remembered.
Donny's vocal style is classic with changes in intonation and timbre as richly textured as Stevie Wonder or Ray Charles. He tells you part of the story of the lyrics by how he sings a phrase. This guy seems a natural wonder but his skill was probably the result of a lot of work. One of the other reviewers compares his piano playing to Les McCann: maybe a little less harmonically advanced yet technically as good and perhaps even more soulful.
Cornel Dupree was one of the great sidemen of the period and later starred in Stuff which he co-led with Eric Gale. He shines on this album with solos on We're Still Friends and Voices Inside (Everything is Everything). He has a classic Fender tone- sharp, piercing and bluesy. You can hear Albert Collins in his playing and the whole history of Texas guitar.  Stevie Ray Vaughan  loved this album and band. Cornell is part of the reason why.
Willie Weeks the base player is solid thoroughout. He is outstandingly funky on Voices Inside (Everything is Everything).
Listen to the album sometime just focusing on his bass for a great lesson in the art of the groove. Heck, listen to this album sometime focusing on any of these guys for a lesson in how to play that instrument beautifully within a group context. Each of these guys knows how to make the others sound even better and they all blend into a beautiful overall group sound.
And then there is the audience. When Donny sings You've Got A Friend the audience takes up the chorus without even being asked and keeps it up throughout. Donny goes with it and basically sings around and with the audience. Very very cool. Very professional.
I have owned several thousands LP's, in my time. There are probably less than a hundred that I think of as being iconic, unique, and near perfect. That I would change in no way whatsoever. This is one of the few. This is a sweet and honest presentation of one man's (very large) musical soul being expressed with the help of a band of professionals whose musical skill is the effort of a lifetime in front of an audience who is very hip to what they are hearing. A stone cold soul classic.

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