Elektricni Orgazam - Kako Bubanj Kaže - Psych New Wave 80`s Yugoslavia Rock LP

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Elektricni Orgazam - Kako Bubanj Kaže

Label: Jugoton
Catalog#: LSY 10025
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Record VG+ light marks ( listen )

Country: Yugoslavia
Released: 1984
Genre: Rock
Style: Psychedelic Rock, Pop Rock

Producer - Grof, Gile
Recorded By - Jurij Toni

Notes: Recorded in studio Aquarius, Belgrade 16.01-02.03.1984


A1 Kako Bubanj Kaže
A2 Klinci Traže Zabavu
A3 Pricam O Tebi

A4 Ja Želim Promene (Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby)
B1 Fras U Šupi
B2 Beograd
B3 Skamenjen
B4 Volim Te

Električni orgazam (Serbian Cyrillic: Електрични оргазам; trans. Electric Orgasm) is a band from Belgrade, Serbia. Originally started as punk and post punk, they later slowly changed their style and became a mainstream rock band. They were an important band of the Yugoslav New Wave scene and the Yugoslav Rock scene in general.

Električni orgazam was formed in 1980 by Srđan "Gile" Gojković (vocals, guitars), Ljubomir "Jovec" Jovanović (guitars), Marina Vulić (bass) and Ljubomir Đukić (keyboards, organs). Their first recordings were published in 1981 in the Paket aranžman omnibus showcase album that also included songs from Idoli and Šarlo akrobata. In addition to putting the three bands on the map, Paket aranžman also helped to further establish the punk, new wave and alternative scenes in Belgrade.

Their first self-titled album was released in 1981 featuring a fairly straight-forward punk sound with a small dose of post punk aesthetics. This LP was also distributed in the rest of Europe via Rough Trade label, managing to get some very good reviews in the British music magazine NME. During November 1981, Električni orgazam toured Poland and recordings from the gig in Warsaw were released as EP Warszawa '81 limited to only 2,000 copies. It was a first official bootleg released in Yugoslavia.

On their second, quite experimental and artistic album Lišće prekriva Lisabon 1982 (translated: Leaves Fall Over Lisbon) they incorporated a wider range of psychedelic influences. It was a post punk record with dark edge in the goth manner of Bauhaus and the likes.

The third LP Les Chansones Populaires consisted only of classic covers from David Bowie, The Doors, T. Rex, The Rolling Stones, Velvet Underground and others. After "Chansones..." Električni orgazam adopted a more mainstream rock sound while their concert performances remained punk-oriented, mainly due to the stage persona of their frontman Gile.

After their third album Kako bubanj kaže 1984 (translated: As the Drum Says) keyboardist Ljubomir Đukić left the band. With the next line-up, claimed by fans and critics as their best one (Srđan Gojković - guitars, vocals, Branislav Petrović - guitars, Zoran "Svaba" Radomirović - bass and Goran "Čavke" Čavajda - drums),
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Format LP
Label Jugoton