Fat Freddys Drop - Based On A True Story - 2005 Dubby Downtempo - 2LP

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Fat Freddys Drop - Based On a True Story

Label: The Drop
Catalog#: DRP 007
Format: 2 x Vinyl, LP
Country: New Zealand
Released: 02 May 2005
Genre: Electronic
Style: Broken Beat, Downtempo, Dub



A1 Ernie
A2 Cay's Cray
A3 This Room

B1 Ray Ray
B2 Flashback

C1 Roady
C2 Wandering Eye

D1 Dark Days
D2 Del Fuego
D3 Hope

It's easy to see how much these 7 guys really do love music, as the New Zealand collective known as Fat Freddy's Drop offer up a real diverse sounding album, filled with reggae and jazz infused downtempo vocal tracks. Joe Dukie, aka Dallas Tamaira has one of the smoothest sounding voices of any electronic or pop male vocalist

I've heard in a while. His soulful and crisp sound instantly take any lyrical journey up a notch to the next level. It's DJ Fitchie doing the mixing, Fulla Flash on sax, Jetlag Johnson on guitars, Dobie Blaze on keys, Ho Pepa on trombone, and Tony Chang on cornet. These guys have no shortage in delivering jazzy soundscapes with a touch of dub and reggae to back Dukie.

It's a different sounding album then most US music listeners would be accustomed to, as it's a far cry from the pop that's scattered across our top 40. However, in New Zealand, this album has been on their top 40 chart for an astonishing 90 weeks and counting, and was the biggest selling album in NZ in 2006. It's no wonder, as this is a quality album, by a unique musical collaboration. Mixing jazz, electronica, reggae, and soulful vocals, Fat Freddy's Drop have created a mind opening venture into current music trends.

The album features the singles Flashback, a vocal track which sounds reminiscent of 60's Motown; Wandering Eye, probably the most mainstream sounding vocal track on the album; Roady, a playful dub track with some slick lyrics from guest Ladi 6; Ernie, a jazzy downtempo track with a full 4 minutes of soothing piano melody until the vocals finally kick in; and one of my favorites, Cay's Crays, which features the ultra catchy chorus line, "the skank be the rock in my life".

A rare, live version of This Room can be found on Gilles Peterson's BBC Sessions compilation. It's exceptional, as they tend to make each track sound unique every time they play it elsewhere. You won't find them sounding the same twice, but you can count on every time sounding especially good, which further proves how diverse and musically talented these guys really are.

Fat Freddy's Drop - Roady

The skank is actually the off beat guitar or piano that creates that unique reggae sound.

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Fat Freddy's Drop - Wandering Eye

This band is wicked! Finally some quality reggae with a lot a soul.

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Fat Freddy's Drop - Dark Days

A highly addictive peak of soulful music and a warm guidance out of the shoals of life.

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Fat Freddy's Drop - Flashback - Live in San Francisco

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Fat Freddy's Drop - Hope

live at Splore

Fat Freddy's Drop, so beautiful by nature, gonna have to go to new zealand to see them! One of NZs truly stunning music groups.

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Format 2LP
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