Fever Ray - Fever Ray - 2009 Ambient Electro LP

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Fever Ray - Fever Ray

Label: Mute Corporation
Catalog# : 9048-1
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album New

Country: US
Released: 2009
Genre: Electronic, Pop
Style: Electro, Ambient


A1 If I Had A Heart 3:50
A2 When I Grow Up 4:31
A3 Dry And Dusty 3:45
A4 Seven 5:10
A5 Triangle Walks 4:23

B1 Concrete Walls 5:40
B2 Now's The Only Time I Know 3:59
B3 I'm Not Done 4:20
Double Bass - Hampus Lundgren
B4 Keep The Streets Empty For Me 5:40
Lyrics By, Vocals - Cecilia Nordlund
B5 Coconut 6:50

Mastered By - Henrik Jonsson (2)
Mixed By - Christoffer Berg
Music By, Lyrics By - Fever Ray
Producer, Recorded By - Christoffer Berg (tracks: A1, A3, A4, A5, B4)
Producer, Recorded By, Mixed By - Fever Ray , Van Rivers & The Subliminal Kid (tracks: A2, B1 to B3, B5)
Black and white insert containing lyrics.

It may or may not appeal to fans of The Knife. It might be too chill for them, but that might be fine for the rest of us. For those that don't know, Fever Ray is Karin Dreijer Andersson's solo project away from The Knife, the band she created with her brother. Their last album was a big hit in some circles. She famously talked about retiring after it came out.

This album is here to show she didn't, and in a pretty spectacular way. From her web site-

--Thus `I'm Not Done', one of Fever Ray's more upbeat moments, only reveals its true meaning in its title, a gesture of defiance against Karin's own thoughts of retirement. "That was the last song I wrote and in contrast to many tracks that are more about anxiety and depression, that one is very full of life," she says. "Sometimes, when you're as old as I am now, you think you're going to quit, and people around you think you're going to quit. But then you have days when you realise how good music can be, there's so much left to explore and so much left to do. That's why I sometimes feel I'll never quit."--

But `I'm Not Done', -though one of the finest- is not the last song on the album. Two that were probably written out of the anxiety and depression she describes follow it, and they bring the album to a breathtaking close.

Music videos of the albums first two songs can be easily found online. They are works of art unto themselves. As good as they are, and as good as the songs themselves are, they just scratch the surface of the depth and enjoyment that listening to the entire album brings. Along with albums like Fleet Foxes eponymous debut last year, and Grizzly Bear's Veckatimest coming in May, Fever Ray seems to be in on what might just be the beginning of a trend; The return of the essential complete album

Fever Ray - When I Grow Up'

Directed by Martin de Thurrah

Every time I watch this video I can't help but think of humankind's feral nature - just hiding below the surface. I love it. It's exactly the kind of stuff that music is supposed to explore, but hardly ever does.

Props to Martin de Thurah. His direction on this video was excellent.

this video is saying a lot more . Its a call to neo shamanism, if you tried, if you REALLY tried, you can do what shes doing in this video

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Fever Ray - If I Had A Heart

absolutely breathtaking. Her style is so incredibly beautiful
and enchanting.

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Condition New
Format LP
Label Mute Records
Color Black