FM Attack ‎– Dreamatic - 2009 Canadian SynthWave Synth Pop Nu-Disco - Black Vinyl - 180 Grm LP

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FM Attack ‎– Dreamatic

Tonite Records ‎– 10009299
LP, Album

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16 Sep 2009
Synthwave, Synth-pop, Nu-Disco


1 Intro 0:31
2 Take Me Away 5:07
3 Hot Girlz In Love 6:33
4 Dreamer 6:16
5 Memorex 6:05


6 Yesterday 4:59
7 Mixed Signals 5:43
8 Disco Attack 6:06
9 Sleepless Nights 6:50
10 Hopeless Romantic 3:13



Producer – Shawn Ward


"Fourteen years is a long time, but it can also feel like yesterday. It was in August 2009 that FM Attack released his debut album, Dreamatic, which helped pioneer what would later be called “synthwave” or “retrowave” or whatever anyone calls it these days. Time flies — we’re a bit in a period now in which we have nostalgia for this music inspired by nostalgia. In short: Nostalgia for nostalgia.

Where were you when you first heard “Yesterday,” “Disco Attack,” or “Hot Girlz in Love” or — one of my all-time favorite songs — “Dreamer”? Or any other of the nine cuts on the release? The album’s dreamy guitars, gorgeous and kinetic synthscapes, and engaging dance beats were a revelation.

Not long after, FM Attack (AKA Shawn Ward) would release the equally stunning Astrowave EP, and not long after that, Drive star Ryan Gosling name-dropped FM Attack in an interview with one of Australia’s largest newspapers.

Nevertheless, the release of Dreamatic in 2009 was where it all began as we know FM Attack today, and it came out during a crucial time for synth-drenched music. That was the year Phoenix layered on the colorful synths on their crucial album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. College and Electric Youth would release “A Real Hero” and Desire’s self-titled debut album, featuring “Under Your Spell” made its mark. Empire of the Sun’s Walking on a Dream was a year into changing the landscape, Neon Indian’s Psychic Chasms bent and molded our minds, and Passion Pit’s Manners would shift the gears of electro-pop with beautiful ease. Those are just some of the releases that FM Attack joined when he made his pioneering mark. It was a great time for music — and would yield several years of great music."

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Format LP, 180 Gram
Color Black