Hawkwind - Electric Tepee - 1992 Psych Prog Space Rock- Ltd Ed Red Vinyl Sealed 180 Grm .2LP

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Hawkwind - Electric Tepee

Label: Back On Black – RCV127LP
Format: 2 × Vinyl, LP, red, Limited edition, 180 gram
Country: UK
Released: 2014 issue
1992 Recording
Genre: Rock
Style: Psych Prog Space Rock

Fold out sleeve.


A2 Blue Shift
A3 Death Of War

B1 The Secret Agent
B2 Garden Pests
B3 Space Dust
B4 Snake Dance

C1 Mask Of The Morning
C2 Rites Of Netherworld
C3 Don't Understand
C4 Sadness Runs Deep

D1 Right To Decide
D2 Going To Hawaii
D3 Electric Tepee


Vocals, Bass, Keyboards – Alan Davey
Vocals, Drums – Richard Chadwick
Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards – Dave Brock

Down to a three piece, you'd expect the amount of material to be significantly less layered, but this is not the case with Hawkwind. Electric Tepee if full of surprises and good amounts of music, particularly on the longer songs that break up the album. The opening track 'L.S.D' is an extended rocker complete with buzzing electrical space notes and all sorts of beep, bleeps and creeps. Even without Bainbridge on the keyboards, Davey does a good enough job of redeeming himself, keeping up with the barrage of noise.

Many of the tracks are funky little space rock songs, filled with electrical dribble and dancing guitar notes.

In a similar style to many of their earlier works, Electric Tepee has several large 'pillar' songs which hold up the rest of the album. On this album these songs are the aforementioned 'L.S.D' as well as the tracks 'Secret Agent', 'Masks of the Morning' and 'Going to Hawaii'. Compared to the rest of the album, which are mostly spacey styled electronica songs. These pillars are comprised of space rock. Brock does a good job in taking up the guitar solos of Langton, who left two albums previously, and Davey does a good enough job in picking up the slack from Bainbridge's departure.

The type of music on this album is also vastly different from the music on their earlier works, rather than being mostly comprised of space styled noises, the music is far more modern sounding. This is a good indication that Hawkwind managed to advance themselves along with the times, producing an album that sounds remarkably fresh.

Hawkwind - The Secret Agent

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Hawkwind - LSD

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/AiiLc-i3F5U" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Hawkwind - Snake Dance

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Condition New
Format 2LP
Label Back On Black
Color Red