Headpins - Turn It Loud - Canadian 80's Hard Rock - LP

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Headpins - Turn It Loud

Label: Solid Gold
Catalog#: SGR-1010
Format: Vinyl, LP

Vinyl: VG+ VG++ light scuffing
Cover has light wear to corners, small hole punch in left corner

Country: Canada issue
Released: 1982
Genre: Rock
Style: Hard Rock, Classic Rock

A1 Turn It Loud 3:58
A2 Keep Walkin' Away 4:35
A3 Don't Ya Ever Leave Me 5:33
A4 People 6:33

B1 Don't It Make Ya Feel 4:09
B2 Winnin' 4:02
B3 You Can't Have Me 5:29
B4 Breakin' Down 7:01

Bass - Ab Bryant
Drums - Bernie Aubin
Lead Vocals - Darby Mills
Producer - Bill Henderson
Producer, Guitar - Brian MacLeod

For those new to the band, this first album is a perfect introduction. Darby Mills is probably the best female rock singer no one knows about. Listening to this album will change that! By the way, Mills is alive and kicking, and The Headpins continue to tour.

Headpins tend to be referred to in comparison to two other acts: Lee Aaron and Heart. Those who see themselves as Canadians tend to compare this BC-based band to Toronto's Lee "Metal Queen" Aaron Band. Those who see themselves as west-coasters make the comparison between Vancouver's "Pinheads" and Seattle's Heart.

Neither is fair. Lee Aaron was a force unto herself...frontman, guitarist, bandleader and manager. The Headpins were far more than just vocalist Darby Mills. Heart was an AOR band with two women, one the lead singer, and Headpins was a straight-ahead hard rock band who just happened to have a female vocalist.

The better comparison might be AC/DC. Like Bon Scott, Darby Mills had a voice that one could hardly imagine lasting for more than two albums...and it didn't. Darby carved out a reputation for excess consumption (above and below the waist) comparable to Scott's in her tragically shortened career, but the band didn't survive her demise, and this album remains the peak of both her career and the career of guitarist Brian "Too Loud" McCloud as well.

Produced by Bill Henderson of Chilliwack, this album packed a twin-Marshall wallop unlike anything of its day produced in Canada, this was a foreshadow of the influence that Vancouver in general, and Little Mountain Sound in particular, would later have on hard rock worldwide, and it stands up today as well as anything from that period.

Headpins - Turn it Loud

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Headpins - Don't it make ya

These guys have been misfortunate to not have gone much further.

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Headpins - Breaking down

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Format LP
Label Solid Gold Records