Henry James ‎– The Turn Of The Screw (Abridged) - Judith Anderson - 1969 Audiobook Spoken Word - Original Sealed 2LP

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Henry James Read By Judith Anderson ‎– The Turn Of The Screw (Abridged)

Caedmon Records ‎– TC 2045
2 × Vinyl, LP

Record is sealed, cover is VG+ VG++ has cornerwear in both bottom corners and top right corner (see our pic)
Spoken Word, Audiobook


The Turn Of The Screw (An Abridgment)

A1 Chapter I 3:31
A2 Chapter II 4:15
A3 Chapter III 7:36
A4 Chapter IV 7:13
A5 Chapter V 4:00


B1 Chapter VI 6:07
B2 Chapter VII 6:47
B3 Chapter VIII 2:56
B4 Chapter IX 6:30
B5 Chapter X 6:03


C1 Chapter XI 4:44
C2 Chapter XII 4:40
C3 Chapter XIII 1:28
C4 Chapter XIV 2:50
C5 Chapter XV 4:19
C6 Chapter XVI 3:00
C7 Chapter XVIII (Chapter XVII Here Omitted) 4:28



D1 Chapter XIX 3:26
D2 Chapter XX 6:28
D3 Chapter XXI 5:35
D4 Chapter XXII 1:04
D5 Chapter XXIII 1:58
D6 Chapter XXIV 7:27




Artwork – Marjorie Tomchuk
Author – Henry James
Liner Notes – Leon Edel
Read By – Judith Anderson


Title on label: The Turn Of The Screw (An Abridgment).

Tracklisting is correct; there is no Chapter XVII.

Barcode and Other Identifiers

Other (Library of Congress Number): 70-751233



“The Turn of the Screw” is an intense psychological tale of terror. It begins in an old house on Christmas Eve. It is the story of a Governess who comes to live with and take care of two young children. The Governess loves her new position in charge of the young children; however she is soon disturbed when she begins to see ghosts…


PLOT SUMMARY: The novella opens with a group of friends telling each other stories not unlike The Chowder Society in Ghost Story by Peter Straub. One member tells a story of someone he once knew and loved. A governess is sent to a spooky old house to look after the niece and nephew of a wealthy man. She’s plagued by spooky visitations of what seems to be the previous governess Miss Jessel and her lover, Peter Quint who’re dead. She’s convinced they want to harm the young children and the children seem to be aware of the presence and encouraging it.

HIGHLIGHTS: James is great at building tension. He drip feeds you the story a tiny drop at a time and compels you to read on so you can figure out what the hell’s going on. This is a skill other writers could do well to adapt, especially those who feel compelled to dump a mess of crap on a reader’s head at the one time. At many points during The Turn of the Screw I wondered if the governess was insane and imagining everything. Were the ghosts in her head? Were the ghosts real? Were the children innocents that need to be saved? Were they possessed by evil? The ending shocked me to the core.

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Condition New
Format 2LP, Gatefold
Label Caedmon Records
Color Black