Herbie Hancock - Head Hunters -1974 Analogue Prod. Audiophile Jazz Funk 200 Grm LP

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Head Hunters - Herbie Hancock

Label: Analogue Productions / Columbia
APJ 084
Originally released as Columbia KC 32731 in 1973
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Reissue, Remastered, 200 gram

THIS COPY IS NEW but NOT SEALED ( played once)  
Country: US
Originally released: 1974
This Release: 2015
Genre: Jazz
Style: Fusion, Jazz-Funk

• 200-gram vinyl pressing from Analogue Productions
• Mastered at Sterling Sound by Ryan Smith
• Plated and pressed at Quality Record Pressings
• Stoughton Printing old-style deluxe film-lamination tip-on jacket


A1 Chameleon
A2 Watermelon Man

B1 Sly
B2 Vein Melter

Agogô, Percussion [Log Drum, Balafon, Beer Bottle, Gankoqui], Cabasa, Congas, Whistle [Hindewho], Shekere, Surdo - Bill Summers
Drums [Yamaha] - Harvey Mason
Flute [Alto], Saxello, Saxophone [Soprano, Tenor], Clarinet [Bass] - Bennie Maupin
Marimbula, Bass [Electric] - Paul Jackson
Producer - David Rubinson , Herbie Hancock
Synthesizer [Arp Odyssey, Arp Soloist], Electric Piano, Clavinet [Hohner D 6], Pipe [Pipes] - Herbie Hancock

Recorded at Wally Heider Studios, San Francisco.
Originally released in 1973.

"Columbia's LP release had decent sound, but Analogue Productions' new vinyl mastering by Ryan Smith at Sterling Sound, takes the sound up several notches from there. The LP is housed in a gorgeous film-laminated jacket from Stoughton Printing — it looks and sounds better than ever." Recording = 10/10; Music = 9.5/10 - Dennis D. Davis, Hi-Fi +, Issue 129

"I've enjoyed Mark Wilder's 1997 CD remastering of Head Hunters for Columbia/Legacy, but every time I played it, I thought I should pick it up on LP. Listening to the new Analogue Productions edition (AAPJ 084) confirmed that suspicion. Hancock's opening synth lines in 'Chameleon' thump soundly in both formats, but have cleaner edges from the new vinyl. More important, as the other instruments join in, each has more room to breathe. Harvey Mason's kick drum is too forward on the CD and crowds the music; on AP's LP, it's audible but in support. Reverb is now audible in the notes of Bennie Maupin's sax, and Paul Jackson's bass, still the funk backbone of the album, isn't as overbearing as it now sometimes sounds to me on the CD. AP's 33.3rpm mastering gives each instrument space, and by deepening the soundstage it humanizes Hancock's electronic keyboards and burnishes some of the high-treble edge they have on the CD. ... This new pressing lets you hear how carefully Hancock constructed the music, and how well he and the other musicians worked together to bring it to life." — Joseph Taylor, SoundStage! Hi-Fi, October 2015

This album started a revolution. "Chameleon" is a staple for any band these days. After getting tired of hearing terrible versions by Gov't Mule and The String Cheese Incidint (Who by the way really are an incident and couldn't play a good song if they got payed a million dollars), I thought that I was finally sick of "Chameleon" Well... I was so wrong! I went back and got out my copy of "Headhunters" and it refreshed my faith in the song. Herbie adds that kind of Disco part and brings the funk up a notch. His whole band really jams on that song. There may be imitators, but Herbie is the only one who can really play "Chameleon" the way it should be played.
"Watermelon Man" is another instant classic. I was really diggin' the crazy tribal screams and the guy blowing on the jugs. "Sly" is also really funky going in and out of the groove, and "Veinmelter" delivers as well. Although I wouldn't label this as "One of my favorites of all time" it is definatley crucial to any collection. Whether you like Jazz, rap, Funk, rock, or whatever... You'll dig this fo' sho'.

Herbie Hancock - Chameleon (Live 1974)
Herbie is the bomb!

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Herbie Hancock - Chameleon

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Herbie Hancock - Watermelon Man

Sampled by Super Cat " Dolly My Baby" LL Cool J "1-900-LL Cool J" Shaquille O'Neal "I Hate To Brag" Born Jamericans "State Of Shock IV" Madonna "Sanctuary" UNLV "Pocket Full Of Furl" and Jill Scott

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Headhunters '05 - Watermelon Man

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I suppose conversations about drug use are inevitable when the song is titled "Vein Melter." The slow tempo & dirge-like melody suggests that the composition is about a drug experience or the sadness of losing a friend or loved one through a drug overdose.

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Condition New
Format LP, 180 Gram
Label Analogue Productions
Artist Herbie Hancock
Color Black