Herbie Mann - St Thomas - Hard Latin Jazz LP

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Herbie Mann - St Thomas

Solid State LP
Record is VG+ VG++
label has tear 2 inches

This LP by flautist Herbie Mann was re-released in 1968 on Solid State Records, players are Johnny Rae on vibes, Jack Six on bass, Jose Mangual, Carlos "Patato" Valdes and Victor Pantoja on african drums, Herbie Mann on flute & bass clarinet, Philly Joe Jones on drums and Bobby Corwin on piano.

1. St. Thomas
2. Sorimao
3. Jungle Fantasy

4. Bedouin
5. Sudan
6. Exunda
7. Guinean

Herbie Mann - What a cool guy, fantastic musician and visionary. He always had incredible musicians wanting to play with him. What a great video and performance!
That's Paquito D'Rivera on alto sax!! He's won 8 Grammy's - nominated 16 times. He's a legend!
Here is a different version of Jungle Fantasy by Herbie

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Format LP
Label Solid State