Homeshake ‎– In The Shower - 2014 Lo-Fi Indie Rock LP

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Homeshake ‎– In The Shower

Sinderlyn ‎– LYN-003
Vinyl, LP, Album
Lo-Fi, Indie Rock


A1 She Can't Leave Me Here Alone Tonight 2:40
A2 Chowder 3:28
A3 Doo Dah 3:06
A4 Making A Fool Of You 3:21
A5 Michael 1:43


B1 Cash Is Money 3:02
B2 Okay 3:29
B3 Slow 2:54
B4 The Shower Scene 2:50
B5 Home At Last 3:12


Homeshake is Peter Sagar and friends.
Having previously recorded with Mac DeMarco and Sheer Agony’s Jackson MacIntosh, Homeshake returns with In the Shower, his debut release on Sinderlyn.

( exclaim) " With all the rambunctiousness that comes with being one of Mac Demarco's hired hooligans, guitarist Peter Sagar has been able to maintain a steady stream of releases under the moniker Homeshake since 2012. While stains of Demarco's jizz-jazz mantra are evident on his latest album In The Shower, a groovy, more meditative approach finds Sagar taking the jizz off the jazz and giving those sticky bass lines a much needed sponge bath. A hypnotic interlude introduces the silky jangles on the opening track "She Can't Leave Me Here Alone Tonight," a song that finds his moist, boozy falsetto in full swing right off the bat.

Two glossy love songs later, and a self-righteous stroll down memory lane leads him to "Making A Fool Of You." Sagar gets sultry, oozing "I told you so"s as he warns an old flame that her new love might soon burn out. The soft-focused hooks become more defined and the ambience begins to grow on you once you hit "Okay," a shimmering effort with a lot of murky guitar riffs. "Hey what's up my name is Pete, how do you do," croons Sagar before his lowered inhibitions lead him to reveal "I won't remember what's your name cause I don't know," a moment of earnestness lost in a drunken fade. Subject matter doesn't veer too far from his lovey-dovey convictions, but his knack for writing catchy, off-kilter love songs is a skill not many new artists possess. As a whole, In The Shower is a soapy long player so rich and fluid, you can just turn the nozzle on and let it flow". (Sinderlyn/Bad Actors)

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