HOOKFOOT - Good Times A Comin - Folk Psych Blues Rock Brks LP

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HOOKFOOT - Good Times A Comin

A+M Records
Canada Issue

10-track stereo vinyl LP,
Gatefold LP inner part of gatefold has some wear ( see pic)

1. Sweet Sweet Funky Music
2. Living In The City
3. If I Had The Words
4. Gunner Webb's Changes
5. The Painter

6. Flying In The USA
7. Is Anyone There
8. Slick's Blues For Jumbo
9. Look To Your Churches
10. Good Times A' Comin'

Caleb Quaye was too talented of a musician to stay with Elton John's band. Teaming up with Ian Duck was the basis for the chemistry of the band. Their music was unique and very tight. Coomb Gallows is as masterful a ballad as you will find. The album flows and the musical talent of Hookfoot is heard on every cut

If you have never heard of this band the first two albums, Hookfoot and Good Times Coming, are essential Hookfoot. All of the first three albums have a different feel. "Hookfoot" has more acoustic than "Goodtimes". Movies and Coombe Gallows, great playing. Well worth a listen. These guys are great musicians.

Hookfoot was a quintet formed at the end of the '60s as a recording unit by a half-dozen session players associated with Dick James' publishing and later with his DJM Records label. They never made much of an impression on the charts, despite their work being licensed to A&M Records, through which they released four LPs in the U.S.A. Ian Duck (vocals, harmonica), Dave Glover (bass), Roger Pope…and acted a while as Elton Johns backup band

Hookfoot - Living In The City

I should also point out that Caleb had a hand in John Kongo's 1971 breakthrough LP (the one with "He's Gonna Step On You Again"). Truly an underrated musician and songwriter, that man...
My most favorite track from this underrated band. The vocals still keep giving me shivers after all those years.
One of the most beautiful ballads ever!

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Hookfoot - Living In The City covered by Oliver Quayle ( Son of leader of band?)

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