Jacksons - Walk Right Now - Great Underrated Track - Michael Jackson - 12

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Jacksons, The - Walk Right Now

Label: Epic
Catalog#: 49 02403
Format: Vinyl, 12"
Record is VG++
Country: US
Released: 1980
Genre: Electronic
Style: Disco
Credits: Producer - Jacksons, The
Remix - John Luongo
Written By - J. Jackson , M. Jackson , R. Jackson


A Walk Right Now (Special Remix) (7:35)

B Walk Right Now (Instrumental) (6:55)

The Jacksons - Walk Right Now

Michael Jackson continued to perform with his brothers on the album Triumph in 1980, which featured the hits "Lovely One" and "Can You Feel It" and "Walk Right Now".

Great, great song.
Actually, "Walk Right Now" (in America and UK) was a released single, but it did'nt recieve the promotion due to the fact that it was released almost a year afetr Triumph was released and it was not part of their selections on the Triumph Tour playlist.
It was a minor R&B hit in the states (#51), but it reached the top ten in the UK (#8, I think).

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Condition Used
Format 12"
Label Epic
Artist Michael Jackson