James Younger - Feelin' American - Pink Vinyl - Vancouver CA Indie Rock LP

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James Younger - Feelin' American

Light Organ Records
25396 04542
180 Gram Pink Vinyl LP


1. Monday Morning
2. Sleeping Alone
3. Running Wild
4. Two of a Kind
5. We Are Lovers

6. Here and Gone
7. Never Easy
8. Simple Things
9. Do It Again
10. The Quiet Life
11. What Comes After The Weekend

Monday Morning is happy and sure to put a spring in your step. There seems to be some semblance to The Strokes but otherwise it feels wholly original. Simply gorgeous lyrics, ‘I just want to see her rock and roll’, this song is just delightful.

Out on the city limits, with its faded frequencies of A.M rotary dial radio stations, they wear double denim, black boots and leave their hair growing long. And like some small town boy hustling through the noise of downtown traffic for the first time, they still carry photographs of their girls back home, and stare through the tinted windows of passing sedans. Then, at the end of a working week spent two or three drinks steadily deep, they grab their pocket knives, their paychecks and bring in the weekend with the other union crews, dancing and scrapping to their father’s favourite songs.

Back when these songs were still adolescents, playing hooky with Alicia and Liv, or smoking cigarettes behind the bike sheds, James Younger kicked back in his armchair watching re-runs of Northern Exposure on his VHS machine. And seeing them fly the nest, these road trip songs for the future, he waved them off with a copasetic smile, content that they would sway the shoulders of the common man, moving him through the ritual of his Saturday nights and his Sunday mornings.

James Younger, (who cut his teeth as the co-frontman of junkie country outfit Sun Wizard and tours with prog pop group the Zolas) is the free thinker of pop music, because he doesn’t consider “pop” to be a dirty word. He constructs choruses that could topple empires with that creaky old instrument: the guitar. Simple as it sounds, when you’re just one man writing songs with just that one Telecaster, those songs need to be the tops. You can spit and hit one hundred songwriters, but you’ll find yourself cotton-mouthed before you can hit another James Younger. He considers guitar music important, and with his latest releases it looks like he might be the one spearheading that movement.

Four songs in and to be honest Feelin’ American would be earning strong acclaim for its offering no matter what followed but as tracks like the Petty lilted We Are Lovers, the compelling Never Easy with its imaginative and sirenesque melodic caresses behind the roaming enterprise, and the quickstep shuffling Do It Again unload their epidemic of inventive and fascinating ideas and irresistible hooks only stronger ardour for the album is sparked. The last of the three has a Joe Jackson like charm to its vulnerability and refreshing hue which like many other songs is recognisable but only adding to the wealth of variety and pull from the release.

Every song on the album is instantly impressive, those mentioned and not, all leading the listener into a summer waltz of pop and rock mergence, which the closing What Comes After The Weekend ensures ends on another striking high just as the whole thing began. With a tropical saunter to its sultry fascination the song leaps and bounds over the emotions, grabbing them by the hand for an almost riotous party along the chorus and an evocative walk through the lyrical picture of the verse. It is a tremendous end to an equally pleasing album.

Throughout Feelin’ American the guitars play with the ear with skilled revelry whilst the bass is a deep inspiration alongside the punchy rhythms. Vocally Younger at times recalls others such as Joe Jacksonbut it adds to the picturesque fun and lure of the release. James Younger will make a strong mark ahead and it all starts with this treat.

James Younger - Monday Morning

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