John Coltrane - Blue Train - 75th Ann Ed -1967 Deeply Spiritual Meaning - Mono Jazz - Sealed LP

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John Coltrane - Blue Train

Blue Note ‎– BLP 1577, Blue Note ‎– 1577, Blue Note ‎– B0020059-01
Blue Note Records 75th Anniversary Vinyl Initiative –
Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue, Remastered, Mono
LP is NEW Sealed
25 Mar 2014
Comes in a 75 Year Anniversary company sleeve.
Has a "75 Blue Note" sticker on shrinkwrap.

BLUE NOTE 75th annivarsary series are used 24bit / 96kHz or 192kHz HD remaster sound source.


1. Blue Train
2. Moment's Notice

3. Locomotion
4. I'm Old Fashioned
5. Lazy Bird



Mention the name " Coltrane " in Jazz circles and you're bound to receive a response whose admiration borders on an almost religious style worship. Other than Miles there's simply no one in this remarkable field of Music that has obtained such an incredibly strong, passionate and loyal following as that of John Coltrane. While long considered to be the intellectuals ( I dislike that word but.... ) 'favorite son' in a style of music that is chock-full of 'thinking' musicians Coltrane simply possess a unique position, where virtually he alone resides, all the while composing music that eventually would lead him on a quest where his soulful playing obtained an artistic level that was not only incredibly personal but certainly sought a deeply spiritual meaning as well. And while I won't pretend to understand the almost religious fervor that some friends have for this artist I will state that I do have a great deal of respect for John Coltrane....for the man and the musician as well. And listening to " Blue Train " might help explain why this tenor saxophonist is regarded in such high esteem.

While long being regarded a 'searching' musician, Coltrane and bandmates recorded " Blue Train ", his only Blue Note release, on Sept. 15, 1957. Obviously being well-rehearsed, the title track, an eerie blues selection, is Lee Morgan's real chance to shine. After the intial melody Lee's trumpet makes an energetic statement, followed closely by Curtis Fuller on trombone, and everything here runs extremely 'Hot and Cool'. Plus after 10 odd minutes the listener may be already exhausted, to say nothing of in awe of this bands performance. Following up with " Moment's Notice ", my personal favorite, another fast-paced tune with solo's by Coltrane, Fuller, Morgan and even a bowed bass performance by Paul Chambers, and you'll be amazed at how 'happy' even Coltrane can sound when composing. The ballad " I'm Old-Fashioned ", the only selection not written by him, is a perenial favorite as well, played softly and gently it's a wonderful contrast to the energetic playing that fills up the rest of this remarkable LP.

But than again.... I've always been preferential to Ballads anyway! Closing with " Lazy Bird " with a wonderful piano intro by Kenny Drew, and following with solos by Coltrane, Fuller and Paul Chambers ( again using the bow ) and with Lee Morgan ending this track while Coltrane and Curtis ride out the theme. Even I, with my 'tin ear' understood after my very first listen that what I was hearing was a record filled with songs that were performed by musicians who were not only ultimately honest about their music but incredibly passionate as well

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Condition New
Format LP, 180 Gram
Label Blue Note Records
Artist John Coltrane
Color Black