Joy Division - Closer - 1980 Early Post Punk Landmark - LP

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Joy Division - Closer

Catalog#: FACT 25
Label: Factory / London / Rhino
Format: LP
Country: US
Released: 2007 reissue, originally released 09 May 1980

Vinyl: New Sealed
Cover is New

Genre: Rock
Style: New Wave PUNK

Credits: Artwork By - Martin Atkins , Peter Saville
Engineer - John Caffery , Martin Hannett
Engineer [Assistant] - Michael Johnson
Photography - Bernard Pierre Wolff
Producer - Martin Hannett


Side A

A1 Atrocity Exhibition
A2 Isolation
A3 Passover
A4 Colony
A5 A Means To An End

Side B

B1 Heart And Soul
B2 Twenty Four Hours
B3 The Eternal
B4 Decades

Formed in the wake of the punk explosion in late-70s England, Joy Division became the first band in the postpunk movement to emphasize mood and expression over anger and bombast.
In 1980, after the band had released the critically praised Unknown Pleasures LP and finished sessions for the follow-up, Closer, Curtis committed suicide in his home. Two month’s later, Joy Division’s breakthrough single "Love Will Tear Us Apart" entered the Top 20. It’s nearly impossible to overstate their influence. From U2 to Nirvana to Primal Scream, bands have drawn upon the tension and atmosphere that Joy Division brought to the early postpunk landscape.

Opener "Atrocity Exhibition" was arguably the most fractured thing the band had yet recorded, Bernard Sumner's teeth-grinding guitar and Stephen Morris' Can-on-speed drumming making for one heck of a strange start. Keyboards also took the fore more so than ever — the drowned pianos underpinning Curtis' shadowy moan on "The Eternal," the squirrelly lead synth on the energetic but scared-out-of-its-wits "Isolation," and above all else "Decades," the album ender of album enders. A long slow crawl down and out, Curtis' portrait of lost youth inevitably applied to himself soon after, its sepulchral string-synths are practically a requiem. Songs like "Heart and Soul" and especially the jaw-dropping, wrenching "Twenty Four Hours," as perfect a demonstration of the tension/release or soft/loud approach as will ever be heard, simply intensify the experience. Joy Division were at the height of their powers on Closer, equaling and arguably bettering the astonishing Unknown Pleasures..

Joy Divison - Isolation
- scenes from the movie 'Control'

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Joy Division - Documentary (Trailer )

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Joy Division - The Eternal

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Joy Division - Isolation

This band's massive influence on the face of music as we know it always has and always will be overlooked,

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Condition New
Format LP
Label Rhino
Artist Joy Division
Color Black