Kid Cudi - Man On The Moon - 2009 Kanye West Common Ratatat - Hip-Hop Sealed 2LP

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Kid Cudi - Man On The Moon: The End Of The Day

Label: Universal Motown
Catalog#: B0013321-01
Format: 2 x Vinyl, LP, Album
Gatefold sleeve.
Country: US
Released: 2009
Genre: Electronic, Funk / Soul, Hip Hop, Pop
Style: Pop Rap, Soul


Act 1: The End Of Day
A1 In My Dreams (Cudder Anthem)
Producer - Emile Haynie
A2 Soundtrack 2 My Life
Producer - Emile Haynie
A3 Simple As...
Producer - Patrick Reynolds
Act 2: Rise Of The Night Terrors
A4 Solo Dolo (Nightmare)
Producer - Emile Haynie

B1 Heart Of A Lion (KiD CuDi Theme Music)
Producer - Free School
B2 My World
Featuring - Billy Cravens
Producer - Jeff Bhasker , Patrick Reynolds
Act 3: Taking A Trip
B3 Day N Nite (Nightmare)
Co-producer - Kid Cudi
Producer - Dot Da Genius
B4 Sky Might Fall
Co-producer - Kid Cudi
Producer - Kanye West

C1 Enter Galactic (Love Connection Part 1)
Producer - Matt Friedman of The Illfonics
Act 4: Alive
C2 Alive (Nightmare)
Featuring - Ratatat
Producer - Ratatat
C3 CuDi Zone
Producer - Emile Haynie
C4 Make Her Say
Featuring - Common , Kanye West
Producer - Kanye West

D1 Pursuit Of Happiness (Nightmare)
Featuring - MGMT , Ratatat
Producer - Ratatat
Act 5: A New Beginning
D2 Hyyerr (Nightmare)
Featuring - Chip Tha Ripper
Producer - Crada
D3 Up, Up And Away
Producer - Free School


Executive Producer - Kanye West
Executive Producer [Co-executive Producer] - Emile Haynie , Kid Cudi , Plain Pat , Sylvia Rhone
"Solo Dolo" contains a sample of "The Traitor" by the Menahan Street Band.
"Make Her Say" contains an interpolation and a sample of "Poker Face" by Lady Gaga. It also contains elements of "Blame It" by Jamie Foxx.
"Hyyerr (Nightmare)" contains a sample of "Early Morning Love" by Lou Rawls.

Like most people I'm sure, I first heard about CuDi through his song Day N Night. I found it intriguing and decided to check out his mixtape "A Kid Named Cudi." Intriguing indeed, definitely one of my favorites at the time. Specifically I wanted to hear more songs like "Embrace The Martian" and "The Prayer." As impressed as I was by the mixtape I wasn't prepared to be as blown away as I was by the LP..

KiD CuDi brilliantly combined hip-hop, classical, trance n electronica and he delivers lyrics full of determination and sympathy with a lazy but very exciting flow. This record is very creative, unique and futuristic... like a hybrid of Pink Floyd, Beethoven and Kanye West.
"The sky might fall" but this boy has this heart of a lion that it can't stop him from flying hyeeer and landing on the moon on a pursuit of happiness.

My top 5 (very hard to make a choice):
1. The Sky Might Fall
2. Enter Galactic - If you can't do what you imagine then what is imagination to you?
3. The Soundtrack to my life
4. As Simple as... (leaves you expecting another verse in vain)
5. My World / In my Dreams

Kid Cudi truly is the man on the moon, you can tell just by the beats on all 15 of the songs. He combines so many elements from different music genres that no other artist sounds like him. His lyrics aren't flawless, but at least he doesn't rap about bling-bling, killing "ni***s" in his music...
The beats, messages, and value of each song more than make up for Cudi's simple lyrics, which by the way I love. Cudi's music is smooth, relaxing and just a privilege to listen to. Cudi along with artists like: B.o.B, Wiz Khalifa, Charles Hamilton, Wale, and Curren$y are going to make hip-hop "alive" again.

Ok, I'll start off by saying the cover art is amazing, clever, and unique.....

--1) In My Dreams (Cudder Anthem) - 7.5/10 - Very Slow, has an inspirational sound. I could imagine hearing this song in some theatre as you walk in. Maybe if I was a stoner and smoked, I'd appreciate it more. It's a solid track/intro, not one of the better tracks on the LP.

--2) Soundtrack 2 My Life - 9.5/10 - Cudi talks about his life, and the way he is now. The beat has an electric sound. The chorus is amazing, and I sing it everytime I hear it. It's just a great song, with great sound.

--3) Simple As... - 8/10 - Not going to lie, the first time I heard this song it was an instant skip to the next song. After going back and actually giving each song a full listen this song was decent. The beginning is odd, and kind of annoying, but you get used to it. The track might throw you off, but once those drums go and the beat starts it's satisfying. It's a feel good track.

--4) Solo Dolo - 7.5/10 - My least favorite track on the album. That's not saying it's not good, because it is. The track is just creepy, the beat is creepy, and it's slow. The chorus saved the song for me, because it's catchy. I also like the "Star Wars-like" beat throughout various parts of the song, it's nice. The strings in the background of the chorus produce amazing sound. So yeah, my least favorite track but it definitely has its strengths.

--5) Heart of a Lion (Kid Cudi Theme Music) - 9/10 - Love the way the song starts up with the piano. The chorus showcases great electric sound. The song is about perseverance, and moving on through difficult situations. The song basically sums up what Kid Cudi is about, fighting through his struggle to prove the doubters wrong and produce this great music. My favorite part of the song is the "NO-NO-NO-NO-NO-NO-NO-NOOOOO YEAHHHH," I sing it everytime. Solid track, with meaning.

--6) My World ft. Billy Cravens - 9/10 - Creepy, yet soothing at the same time. The beat is on point. "This will be my world...I told ya so," this line basically sums up the whole song. My favorite part is the 3rd verse (2:49 -3:14), Cudi raps over the beat that the song started off on, it's legit. Relaxing, creepy, soothing = great track.

--7) Day N Nite - 10/10 - You've heard it, you love it, it's still amazing to this day. I remember hearing this song and not wanting to like it because I thought the name "Kid Cudi" was pretty lame. Time has passed since then, and now he's one of my favorite rappers. The video is trippy, the song is great, and will continue to be great in years to come.

--8) Sky Might Fall - 10/10 - I LOVE the drums used in this song, you can't help but bob your head while listening. I can relate a lot to this song with lines like "Grey clouds up above mayne, metaphor to my life mayne," and the chorus: "The sky might fall, but I'm not worried at all." The beat is great, and the song has meaning. Just an amazing song.

--9) Enter Galactic (Love Connection Part 1) - 10/10 - The beat is ummmm.....INSANE. It fits perfect with the song title, the message, and with Cudi himself. He's the man on the moon, and this is the perfect space beat. It's a song about love: "enter galactic, you and me." Favorite line of this song is: "I want to kiss you on your space below your navelette, the place you keep so neat, so moist, like a towelette." It's pretty funny at least to me. This very well might be my second favorite song on the album.

--10) Alive ft. Ratatat - 15/10 - AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING. Ratatat I don't know who your are or know much about you, but DAMN you did work making this beat. I heard this song on a website and it made me want to buy this album. The beat is unique and un-like anything ever made before. The drums, electric sound, everything about it makes the beat so authentic, and makes you want to listen to it over and over. "Everytime the moon shines, I become alive," sums up everything about Cudi. This track is by far my favorite on the LP, and saying that on an album so amazing like this is quite a feat.

--11) Cudi Zone - 9.5/10 - So close to giving this a 10/10 because the beat and especially the chorus is amazing. The chorus might be the most enjoyable chorus out of all the songs on the LP
. But something is lacking for it to be in the 10/10 class, who knows what it is. This track is a banger though, can't stop listening.

--12) Make Her Say ft. Kanye West/Common - 9.5/10 - This track is a 10, well it would've been if they didn't let Lady Gaga have her own part in the song. Like Day N Nite, by now you're heard and loved this track. Kanye's verse is clever, and so is Commons, they add greatness to the track. So yeah a 10 track if the hermaphrodite didn't have her own little part other than the chorus.

--13) Pursuit of Happiness ft. MGMT/Ratatat - 8/10 - The Cudi/Ratatat duo is unique, lethal and great, I look forward to future tracks. This song just doesn't have the same flare as "Alive" does, none of the tracks do (it's that great). I heard this will be his next single, solid choice, but this is one of the bottom third tracks on the album. It's great, catchy, but isn't one of the better ones.

--14) Hyyerr ft. Chip Tha Ripper - 8/10 - The definition of relaxing. I have a feeling this might be the stoners who buy this album's favorite track. It's a lay-back feel good track, almost makes me want to toke up (kidding). It's a slow tune, but it's a great change of pace at the end of the album. Hyyerr goes into the final track "Up Up & Away" and to me that's a clever get hyyerr until you're up up & away, haha. Good track, relaxing, enjoyable.

--15) Up Up & Away - 10/10 - AMAZING way to end off a glorious album. The song leaves me wanting more, and makes me speculate what's next for Kid Cudi. The song has an acoustic feel, with space-like beat in the background. The song is also referred to as the "wake & bake song." I said earlier Enter Galactic might be my 2nd favorite song, but this song is just as good. "I'll be up up & away, cuz they `gon judge my anyways," sends a good message even though Cudi is really talking about getting high. The real message is do what you want to do, don't worry about what others will say or think, because they'll hate either path you choose to walk. Great ending, great song, great album, great artist.

Cudi truly is a one of a kind artist that does things his way. His way is unique, soothing, and produces great music. If "artists" like Soulja Boy, LiL'Wayne, and LiL'Jon can sell millions of album copies there is no excuse why this album shouldn't do the same. This album should win Album of the Year, or at the very least be nominated. Every track from beginning to end is great, some greater than others obviously, but each still have staying power in the end. Go out and support a REAL artist, that makes great music. Thank you Mr. Solo Dolo for this masterpiece you made in the studio, you have me convinced. Buy this people, you won't be sorry.

Kid Cudi - Day 'N' Nite

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Kid Cudi - Make Her Say

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KiD CuDi - Sky Might Fall (Live)

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Condition New
Format 2LP
Label Universal Records
Artist Kanye West
Color Black