Lana Del Rey – Violet Bent Backwards Over The Grass - 2020 Spoken Word - Black Vinyl - Sealed 180 Grm LP

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Lana Del Rey - Violet Bent Backwards Over The Grass 
Label: Polydor – B0032628-01, Interscope Records – B0032628-01
Vinyl, LP, Album, Stereo, Gatefold
Standard 180g black vinyl. "Made In Canada" on back shrink wrap. Placement will vary.
Barcode (Scanned): 602507429805
Country: US
Released: Oct 2, 2020
Genre: Non-Music
Style: Poetry, Light Music
A1 L.A. Who Am I To Love You
A2 The Land Of 1,000 Fires
A3 Violet Bent Backwards Over The Grass
A4 Past The Bushes Cypress Thriving
A5 Salamander
A6 Never To Heaven
B1 Sportcruiser
B2 Tess Dipietro
B3 Quiet Waiter Blue Forever
B4 What Happened When I Left You
B5 Happy
B6 My Bedroom Is A Sacred Place Now - There Are Children At The Foot Of My Bed
B7 Paradise Is Very Fragile
B8 Bare Feet On Linoleum
"Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass is enjoyable, in a vanity project sort of way. The poems are patchy though. Some show how broken and vulnerable (yet a sanitised version of vulnerability) Del Rey is. Lines like “I hear Dylan when I look at you, I can see it in invisible ink like a tattoo”, “She said my number one problem was that my field was untrusting. When asked what to do, she paused and said ‘Nothing’. Which sent me right into uncontrollable sobbing” and “You move like water sweet baby sweet waiter. Making the night smile to no one you cater. Silent wood worker from midnight till later. My lover my laughter my armour my maker” feel like they could have been lifted directly from any teenage diary or English homework assignment. The rhymes feel clunky and the feelings she is trying to get across are cluttered from trying to hard. However, the most cringeworthy line is uttered on ‘Salamander’: “I love you, but you don’t understand me, I’m a real poet! My life is my poetry, my love making is my legacy! My thoughts are about nothing, and beautiful, and for free”. However, when Del Rey manages to find her voice it works incredibly.
The standout moment of the album is the prose story ‘Sport Cruiser’. Here Del Rey uses a story about flying and sailing lessons as a metaphor for her insecurity. During the flying lesson, the instructor asked for a simple maneuver. Del Rey completed it, but slower that she intended. The instructor commented “You don’t trust yourself”. “I was horrified. Feeling as though I’d somehow been found out. Like he knew me,” she recounts. “How weak I was. Of course, he was only talking about my ability as a pilot in the sky. But I knew it was meant for me to hear those words”. After the lesson, Del Rey concludes that “Pilots aren’t like poets. They don’t make metaphors between life and the sky”. Hmmmm. Later in ‘Sport Cruiser’ she decides to book a sailing lesson at the Marina Del Rey (see what she did there). “I signed up for the class as ‘Elizabeth Grant’, And nobody blinked an eye. So, why was I so sure that when I walked into the tiny shack on Valley Way, someone would say? “You’re not a captain of a ship, or a master of the sky!”."
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Condition New
Format LP, 180 Gram
Color Black