Leon Haywood - It's Got to Be Mellow - Funk - Beach Music - Soul LP

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Leon Haywood - It's Got to Be Mellow

It is on Decca #74949.
It is stereo.
Record is VG+
Cover has hole punch and wear

Side One:
1) Mercy, Mercy, Mercy
2) It's Got To Be Mellow
3) Yesterday (the Beatles song)
4) I Can't Stop Loving You (the Country Song)
5) Nobody Knows You When Your Down and Out
6) Tennessee Waltz

Side Two:

1) Ode to Billie Joe Pt.1
2) Ode to Billie Joe Pt.2
3) Cornbread and Buttermilk
4) Mercy, Mercy, Mercy (a different song than the first)
5)'Round Midnight

The album showcases both sides of Haywood's talent -- as side one features Leon singing in a sweet soulful style, and side two's all-instrumental, with Leon atop the Hammond B-3, grooving away with a sound that's better than you'd expect! The instrumental side includes a funky version of "Ode to Billy Joe", a tasty groover called "Cornbread & Buttermilk",

Much of Leon's career was spent in the "background". He was Sam Cooke's keyboardist the last years of Sam's life, he worked with Dyke & the Blazers on such hits as "Funky Broadway", and he wrote Carl Carlton's hit, "She's a Bad Mama Jama" in 1981. But on occasion he struck out on his own such as this vocal that had some moderate success in 1967, but was a hit on the beach..."It's Got To Be Mellow".

"It's Got To Be Mellow." This song is an old school staple, a beach music essential, and a big hit (still) with the hispanic crowd in L.A. It combines equal parts of Marvin Gaye's "Crazy About My Baby" and Martha Reeves' "My Baby Loves Me," with the opening flourish from Jackie Ross' "Selfish One" thrown in for extra spice. It is typical of Haywood's "It's All Good" approach. The end result is something that sounds remarkably original!

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Format LP
Label Decca