Lil' Wayne - The Leak - Club Hip Hop - 12" EP

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Lil' Wayne - The Leak 12" EP


Label: Cash Money/Universal

Catalog Number: B0011673-01

Additional Information: 5-Song EP, previously only available as download.


Side A

1. I'm Me
2. Gossip
3. Kush

Side B

4. Love Me Or Hate Me
5. Talkin' About It

Lil Wayne has everything that most rappers dont have. he has talent for sure, but he also has the swagger that most artists dont have.

lets overview three of the best tracks...

1. "I'm Me"
The beat on this song fits Weezy perfectly. It stops a few times and you think the track it over but it starts again with Wayne giving you more. The song is your basic Wayne; talking shit, metaphors, etc. It has a hard hook complete with some nice lines: The only time I will depend is when I'm seventy years old/that's when I can't hold my shit within so I shit on myself/cause I'm so sick and tired of shitting on everybody else. Nasty.

2. "Gossip"
I think everybody remembers when Wayne premiered and performed this song on the 2nd BET Hip-Hop Awards. After that performance, people were looking for that song like crazy. A leaked recorded studio version showed up days later though..
This is still a good song though, just not better than the live emotional version.

4. "Love Me Or Hate Me"
This track has a surprisingly epic feel. It just gives Weezy more room to do what he does best; Share my blood, feed my family/my flow will plead insanity/so sick I need Grey's Anatomy/acid like a bust open battery. I may not be the biggest Wayne fan, but what I give him credit for is not rapping over one type of track. Even though he's from the South, he not afraid to jump on track that doesn't have snaps or loud 808's. While this song may be retread of shit he's already said on track one, it still wins

weezy is the best mainstream rap artist out right now and everyone is sayin sumthing about you hope he can make a good album but have yall forgotten about carter 1 and 2 and the shit with birdman and weezy like father like son he can do it he makes mixtapes cuz thats whats hot and u can be raw and uncut on mixtapes albums ..
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Format 4LP
Label Cash Money Records