Low - Songs For A Dead Pilot EP - Cold and Desolate Indie Rock - 12 - EP

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Low - Songs For A Dead Pilot EP
Label: Kranky
Catalog#: KRANK 021 LP
Format: Vinyl, 12" NEW

Country: US
Released: 20 Nov 1997
Genre: Rock
Style: Indie Rock
Credits: Bass - Zak Sally
Cello - Cassandra Legge
Coards, Vocals, Cello - Jaron Childs
Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals - Alan Sparhawk
Percussion, Vocals - Mimi Parker
Viola - Tresa Ellickson
Rating: 5.0/5


A1 Will The Night
A2 Condescend
A3 Born By The Wires

B1 Be There
B2 Landlord
B3 Hey Chicago
Keyboards - Chris Freeman

Although this is a fantastic release, I wouldn't recommend this as someone's first exposure to Low. If you're just now getting into Low, get Secret Name first but make sure you get this once you've gotten into the band's style.
Although there is some classic Low here, there's just enough music on this release that's different from what Low usually does that it's not an accurate glimpse at the band as a whole.
First of all, the lanscape on the cover perfectly captures the feel of the ep. This is perfect music to listen to if you're snowed in. It feels very cold and desolate, but very moving at the same time.

The first track is a good example of the weirdness on the LP
. Will the Night is a song off of Secret Name, but here you can only hear a droning guitar/keyboard notes and the vocals, but they're buried under twenty feet of reverb. Condescend is one of my favorite Low songs. Very simple, incredibly sad sounding guitar and string quartet underneath one of Mimi's most moving vocal performances. Born by the Wires has a darker sounding guitar melody contrasted by some higher pitched singing by Alan before turning into a long droning guitar-only conclusion. Be There is mostly keyboard music, which is uncharacteristic of Low, but sounds great with the muted drumming.
Landlord is another drag your feet classic with a wonderful sense of strangely comforting dread and remorse. Hey Chicago finishes things up nicely with a relatively warmer sounding song with really pretty male/female vocals.

All in all, this is a great release from a terribly underrated band that keeps make essential records for those of us with attention spans longer than two minutes.
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Format 4LP
Label Kranky